i don’t remember where i heard anita baker for the first time.
in barbados,
my family was huge whitney stans so that’s all i heard.
i feel like i heard anita’s music in my mother’s car on the radio,
but i think i got into her heavy after my mother passed.
i feel like it was around the time i was around HIM tbh.
i did something last night foxhole.
i did this

i bought anita’s entire discography from itunes.
i don’t have apple music and she isn’t on spotify.
i don’t “do” apple music just for anita baker’s music.

there is one song from anita that i love so much.
i could listen to it all day.
it puts me in such a good mood and makes me want to be in love.
that song is:

from the opening to the build-up to the bridge,
this song gives me chills every time i hear it.
i don’t know if you have a song that does that to you,
but this song for whatever reason agrees with my spirit.
i feel my spirit really takes to jazzy songs.

Sidebar: This song is another one that I could listen to all day.
Another jazzy kind of song…

Vivian Green’s first album is another one that hits my soul-deep,
but thats a whole nother story we will talk about on another day.

i feel like whenever i’m going through it,
my spirit yearns to listen to this song.

I want to make love to this song.

not have sex.
not fuck.
make love cause ima do this after i reach a that orgasm:

lowkey: tbh all of her music is just a vibe.
if you haven’t listened to anita yet,
i highly suggest you give her a chance.
listen to her album,


  1. i want to thank everyone who left such personal comments.
    thank you for sharing your truths towards this discussion.
    who knew anita baker would provide such insightful words.
    this is what i like and respect from my community.
    you just never know what people have gone through.
    no matter the age,
    we all have a story.
    never be scared to share your story,
    especially on here.

    love you!!!!

    1. Jamari, I can tell most of you guys are in your thirties and younger. Well, I was fortunate enough to be around when Ms. Baker first hit the scene. It was my freshman year in college, and Angel hit Black radio. That song was played in every Black person’s dorm room. Everybody was into Anita Baker. She got caught up in a record label dispute and we went at least 4 to 5 years not hearing anything about her. She busted back on the scene with Sweet Love. Her album was classic, soulful, and sophisticated. To think she has twenty year old guys listening to her, drinking wine, and just chilling. I don’t think we have experienced an artist like her. Man, the last minute of that song. She rips through those lyrics. Yeah, you gotta, I gotta, we gotta talk about it – uh
      No doubt about it, uh
      Let it go, ho-ho, set it free, hee, hee, hee – baby
      Uh, I’d like to listen, huh, Id like to listen, ,baby, huh
      Tell me everything, baby, babee – huh
      I will understand, I will understand,
      I promise, baby
      Tell me now, tell me, huh, tell me
      Oww-hey-hey, hey, hey-eee
      I believe-hey-hey, baby
      God almighty, baby, tell it all to me
      Don’t cha hold nothin’ in , baby, don’t cha
      Hold it baby

      A classic. That whole album was underrated. I suggest, you get that album, open a good bottle of wine, take a nice warm bath and chill. And ,you will more appreciate for Anita.

  2. I think Anita is one of the few universally loved artists by all black people around the world. A beautiful and singular talent. Body & Soul is my favorite Anita song too and I also love Fairytales, Been So Long, No One In The World (I’ll kill this in karaoke) and My Everything (nobody ever mentions her big comeback album). If you love Anita then check out Phyllis Hyman who would be Anita’s rival peer or counterpart if you will. Her catalog exists in the same vein and is just as explosive. Regina Belle is another standout who is similar.

    Vivian Green doesn’t get nearly enough attention, her last album is a gem. I have to revisit her debut but she bubbles under the radar with some really good grown R&B music. Alright Jamari!

  3. 10 points for Jamari! One of my, hands down, top 5 fav artists. I have a small group text w a few friends who are former coworkers, and 1 of them posted a link about Anita asking ppl to stop streaming her music until she got her masters, and tagged her boyfriend and I, asking if we were gonna be able to deal lol.

    And not to toot my own horn, but ‘Same Ole Love’ (365 days) is 1 of my karaoke staples, ijs. Lol

  4. So me and my Mom just got done watching Mary J Blige’s documentary on Amazon Prime a few days ago. And I told her the story about my cousin making fun of me liking Anita Baker. Anita Baker’s Caught Up in the Rapture is my favorite song from my childhood. Despite my dark stuff I was going through when I was growing up (i.e. sexual abuse at the hands of two of my older male cousins, etc.). That song used to make me feel better. And help me to forget what I was going through. I never felt cool or hip, like my other cousins who was listening to artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Biggie, etc. I always felt weird because I was listening to old school music. And this was crystallized for me one day, because one of my cousins named Rashea, rode in the car with me and my Mom. And she picked up the Anita Baker cassette tape (Rhythm of Love), and she said “Anita Baker??!” Like in a condescending tone. And that just made me feel so embarrassed, at that time. But now, I don’t care what anyone else from them thinks! Because someday soon, I’m gonna be interviewed and talk about those things that helped me push through all of my stuff that I went through. And I wonder when they see and watch me on TV, what their gonna be thinking in their minds. Not that I really care, but it’s just funny how things will finally come full circle for me someday soon. And yes, her songs do lift your spirit! My other favorites from her are Just Because, Body and Soul, I Apologize, Rhythm of Love, and practically her WHOLE ENTIRE Rhythym of Love album! But my Mom used to take me to school everyday in the early 90’s. And we used to have Toni Braxton (her first album in 1993), Anita Baker, and Sade on REPEAT!!! Like ALLLL of the time! Those are the memories which make me have joy and peace when I reflect back on that time. During while I was going through what I was going through simultaneously.

  5. All I have to hear is “Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa” and it’s on. “Caught up in a rapture” sings to my soul especially hearing that in the morning, you got me automatically. Better than that, her 1986 live concert is on YouTube and that send me back to growing up as a child and the good old days of the faded smooth jazz!

  6. OMG I got a whole playlist I have to put you on too. Anita is the only artist who don’t let anybody remake her songs. She remade Tyrese song.

  7. I can’t remember when I first heard her either; ive just always listened to her since the early 90s. I bought her ‘best of’ CD and probably wore the thing out. ‘Body and Soul’ is a favorite too; along with ‘Angel’ and ‘Sweet Love”

    1. ^ i bought that best of album first!
      a few years ago but the body and soul on there is a single edit.
      the one of her album is 5 minutes long.
      anything less doesn’t work for me.

  8. Listen, Anita is the T R U T H!! I think she is an artist who transcends time. #thebest #awholemood #imafan #itsbeenyouallthetime #detroitlegend

  9. Great investment. Anita Baker is one of the FEW Artist that can never sing a bad song .So you got your moneys worth . I believe that in the future people will re-discover her and appreciate her even more. Presently , I don’t think they do. We keep hearing and seeing the same vocalist praised.[ No offense to Whitney, Chaka, Stephanie etc..] Anita Baker is just as good!

    1. ^ something told me to buy it because i was tired of not being able to listen to her music.
      when i had apple music,
      i wore her shit out.
      she has a few songs on spotify but listening to her music is such a vibe for me.

      i had some credit so i dropped the 40 dollars.

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