yardiestyle gets exposed (again)?

i didn’t realize how fine of star,
i’ll always remember his debut on xtube.
*pours out likka for xtube*

i watch his flixxx for the stroke and the big ‘maican bunz tbh.

i’m only in there for “post-nut clarity” purposes.
there have been rumblings in the forests about how he gets down tho.
yardie likes to release content without permission.

a foxholer sent me the lead to another vocal victim of yardie.
he goes by the name of thiquecam.
they got into it on twitter spaces about this same issue.
it led to alleged revelations about hiv and yardie givin’ the bunz up



twitter has this thing where you can’t embed content anymore.
this is messy.
does yardie put on his accent?
or is this a typical jamaican letting us know they are from jamaica?
aside from that:

What benefit did this have in exposing all of this?

people don’t really care and will still have sex with boffum.
i don’t really have much sympathy for them either tbh.
this seems like a lot of “well he said!” and “but i thought?”.
nothing should be getting released without consent.

If you chose to do anything with alleged rumors of bad business,
why not cover your ass with a contract?

if i heard rumors of his ways,
i’d never do anything with him let alone without a written contract.
it’s not like this hasn’t been the talk in the industry.
addressing the drama for the forests to hear is better tho.
it is good for my business for the foxhole to be in theirs.

lowkey: it also seems like yardie has another secret as well…

9 thoughts on “yardiestyle gets exposed (again)?

  1. It’s been a messy week for Mr. Bumbaclot! Before this back and forth on Twitter Spaces, he was tweeting about how at the end of the day, pssy is his first love and he only fcks with men to make content. Of course those tweets were deleted when he received backlash. Anyone that has access to his IG knows this is false because he’s always at gay events having the time of his life (it’s clear he loves to dance and the untz untz music brings no exception). Also a clear shot of that hole in one of his vids reveals the validity of the bottom allegations. I honestly feel this boils down to him trying to maintain this macho act. His eye shape (non-facetune version) makes his face appear feminine and….you seen the ass. He’s been overcompensating lately and this is the result unfortunately.

    1. ^he should have sat there and just gave the penis quietly.

      he messed up burning bridges and having people start talking.
      once that happened,
      he made the wrong moves.
      if he would have stayed in his lane,
      no one would notice or care.

      is this why in one of his recent videos,
      he blurred out his ass for no reason at all LOL

  2. This is tired. If you film w him (someone who treats bottoms like holes to demolish and not like other men having sex w him) after this many ppl have complained, your bad.

    Ppl get into what they like when it comes to porn, and that’s ok. I’ve never gotten into his stuff because it’s too 1 sided for me, personally. I like to see bottoms being active and getting theirs. I never see that in his stuff.

    1. ^even tho i like lookin at those butt cheeks in motion,
      the pound town/jack rabbit smashin’ gets tired after a while.
      i tend to ff to the parts that get me off quick.

  3. So he tried to dismiss him by saying he was a Bttm. I remember following yardie videos back when he wore those infamous Black boots and was fucking bottoms in NYC elevators in the hood. His face leaked years ago. As for the other guy contracts should be made prior to ensure everyone is comfortable with releasing content and etc. Sounds like there was some background info we’re not informed of.

  4. I would have thought he would go ahead and put his face in his vids by now. Most ppl can put 2 & 2 together. The man is beautiful. He would have nothing to lose. I feel it’s safe to say he’ll gain an even bigger following. Even if he is gay for pay (allegedly).

    1. I would definitely lose a few coins for that cute face, never for a blurred one

    2. Being gay can get you killed in Jamaica, especially in Kingston. Even if he doesn’t live there anymore, I’m sure most of his family is there, judging by the thickness of his accent. So, I understand why he tries to keep his face hidden as much as possible. They (Jamaicans) also has more contempt and consider the person who bottoms to be the real “batty boy”. So, I can see him trying to keep his bottom activities on the downlow, as well. But with an ass that phat which he really likes showing off and that smooth, shaved hole which looks kinda open, it appears that he does bottom. But it’s not part of his brand as a power top so he probably feels shame for liking it.

  5. I don’t have much to say about their beef but Yardiestyle is fine fine. WHEW

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