I’m A Dangerous Fox (You Make Me)


okay ariana.
with your lolita lookin’ tail.
those rabbit ears are so suggestive.
they really make play up her “younger/old” look.
it’s very interesting.

i dig this album.
i listened to it all day.
every song i like.
she always seems to mature with every album.

i’m just glad they burned those gogo boots from last era.

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They Are Waiting For The Smoke To Clear To Bring You Down

tumblr_m6a5makycy1qz8rpeo1_1280it always starts with faint smoke behind us.
some people can see it.
some just don’t pay attention to it.
next starts with our “behavior”:

can’t keep people in their life for too long
always in some kind of drama
can’t take responsibility for their actions
an attitude or a cloud of negativity that follows

it takes that one fire for the forest dwellers to take notice.
now bad things do happen to good animals,
but in most cases,
its simply “you get whats coming to you”.
you just never know when your nasty ways will catch up to you.
right now you think you are on top of the world being an asshole,
but every asshole has a trail of shit waiting to drop.
we all have to face our judgment for our actions.
usually the punishment comes 10 times worse.
take our pony tail wearing mini mariah-tron for example…

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God Sent Me Ariana Grande’s Album This Morning

Music Review-Ariana Grande.JPEG-0467cgod is so interesting to me.
so i was gonna write today about ariana grande’s album,
“yours truly”.

i was going to ask if her album was any good.
i was kinda iffy on downloading it,
but i wanted to.
this coming from the person who was iffy about britney.
i own all her albums.
i was even researching reviews and everything.
well why come when i woke up today,
i woke up to this:

I know you are a fan of good music and no this isn’t my mix tape or something like. I came across Ariana Grande album “truly yours”.  The girl that sings “The Way”  with Mac Miller This album is a good one. Figure I share. Feel better homie.

tumblr_ms7dulrb7p1sthnh6o2_400how good is that?
i sooooooooooo want to thank my f-bi for this!!!!
i really appreciate it and i’m listening now as i type this.
as soon as i prayed randomly last night,
some other things just “happened” as the night went on.
i guess god wanted to show me he is here.
well thank you for finally showing me.

lowkey: sounds pretty good with the first couple songs.
she reminds me of a young mariah circa “daydream”.