This Is My Everything Right Now

ariannagrandearianna grande and her pony tail are back for another installment.
her sophomore album,
“my everything”,
dropped last monday.
one of my readers wanted me to check it out and well…

anigif_enhanced-22107-1408930716-7i actually really like it.
she seems to have found her own swagg this era.
i liked her first album,
but her people were trying to hard to market her as “mariah carey and others”.
she came off as a little sister singing in the mirror than anything else.
this time it sounds like she found her own voice.
she also found some serious production,
a few rappers,
and some young adult-ish material.
far from the teenage slumber party her first album reminded me of.
this one is “moved into my dorm room”.
i say take a listen to “my everything” because its worth a listen.
i didn’t find myself wanting to skip any songs.
not something i’d blast in my whip,
but its a good “in the house/saturday afternoon/rainy day” album.
ariana is definitely finding her place within the pop world.
tumblr_mk2f2u5KPC1rik1dgo1_500now if she only she gets rid of her stylist

my repeatables:

break free
problem f/ “the great white hype”
best mistake f/ big sean

be my baby f/ cashmere cat
break your heart right back f/ childish gambino
love me harder f/ the weeknd
hands on me f/ a$ap ferg
bang bang f/ jessie j and nicki minaj
just a little bit of your heart
only 1
my everything
you don’t know me

…um pretty much every song i liked lol

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “This Is My Everything Right Now”

  1. Yes!! I agree Jamari, it’s a solid album!! And yes she need to get rid of her stylist and hair stylist, like yesterday!! Beautiful hair, but I’m tired of the pony tail…time to grow up!! Lol

  2. Thanks for the review, glad you got a chance to check it out. As The Man above said I prefer her last album too but this one had some good tracks as well. I like :

    -be my baby
    -break your heart right back (FAVORITE TRACK ^0^)
    -bang bang
    -only 1
    -hands on me

    The girl can blow just wish they get her image right

  3. Talent aside I am SICK of this image she’s putting out. She’s a 22 year old who dresses like a 14 year old trying to dress like a 25 year old. She needs to grab Zendayas stylist to help put her together again

  4. I really like this album. So far, her first one is still my favorite. Glad that there is a fresh face on the scene with almost great vocal ability.

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