pleasure p takes issue with ya’ll making jokes about bow wow

i saw this nonsense today and i made sure i addressed this trash.
so pleasure p,
of pretty ricky/reality star fame,
had an opinion to share about bow wow today.

this is what he had to font on his ig:

that part about chris brown made me side eye him hard.
he said we are “glorifying the vixen” who attacked him.
you know who the vixen is.
 i’m sorry,
but this was chris brown’s alleged face after the incident…

you can google “that vixen we glorified” face for her outcome.

either way,
i don’t know what happened between bow wow and kiyomi.
if she was the aggressor,
she was in the wrong.
if kiyomi looked like how bow wow looks,
i guarentee there would be jokes and wanting her to be cancelled.

“what did she do to deserve it?”
“she probably attacked him first?”
“i’m sure she provoked him to get beat like that.”

ya know,
the same shit they said about “that vixen we glorified”.
only to see in the coming years,
chris brown has alleged started most of his abusive situations.

“the window at gma looked at him wrong”
“frank ocean is a homo and probably hit on him”
“karrueche was a user”

have a seat pleasure p.
don’t fuck up your “millennium” tour money.

8 thoughts on “pleasure p takes issue with ya’ll making jokes about bow wow

  1. Probably because women like to play victim even though they be starting ish. He’s the aggressor but she looks unscathed. Not saying she isn’t the victim in this case per se but I’m not gonna jump on and pretend like all women are all delicate and innocent & not cable of setting up AND actively provoking men either & then when they get popped, they quickly use the femininity card & act like “who did it & why me?”

    She probably got the best of him cause he was holding her crazy tail back while she decided to act like Wolverine. Of course they will sympathize with her.

    Hell, they probably cheating on each other anyway so I guess. They are better off separate.

  2. Bow Wow’s girl called the police, why would you call if you’re the agressor. Its been reported that HE attacked her then she fought back & got the best of him! These hotep niggas just want to find yet another reason to attack black women!

    1. It was actually reported that both of them called the police and were both arrested b/c the cops didn’t know who to believe. Now there are supposed witnesses claiming she attacked him. Let’s not act like ppl will not take advantage of a double standard.

  3. I agree with pleasure P about bow wow they making jokes on Bow Wow because he got attacked by a woman but if the tables Was turn they were called bow wow a woman beater

  4. Chris Brown fans are never the smartest… To say the least. Many of them look at him as the second coming to MJ, which says it all.

    But I do agree that the clowning of Bow Wow is trash and theres loads of double standards.

  5. Though his C.B. excuse is silly he does bring up a point about double standards. Other things this can be applied to are pedophilia where men receive harsher treatment than women. Lets not go further and include race with this.

    I don’t believe in hitting women unless they hit you. All is fair game in the real world. If nature and the universe dont make exceptions, men shouldn’t either. If a man does hit a woman watch how quickly he is called less of a man and ridiculed. If a woman does the same, she is considered strong and all that.

    Much so, if a man raises kids by himself…not so much of a peep than when women raise kids by themselves…also considered a strong woman.

    You also often hear, behind ever great man is a woman.

    Since someone came up with toxic masculinity, they should also come up with toxic feminity. It would be an interesting take & likely get some side eyes. Them fem- nazis would be livid.

    I agree that if you and your partner are always arguing. It’s time to part ways. Relationships only take hard work because people make it that way. They aren’t equally yoked but they stick together out of love (despiration).

    No one needs to hit anyone.

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