19 thoughts on “don’t sleep with the attentionistos or instagays if you can’t handle it”

  1. He should be lucky that a hot muscular instagay men fuck him a stop complaining about he should be greatful I know muscular instagays and Instagay couples are slutty but I love them that way so stop slut-shaming and body shaming them they can’t handle All that hottness

  2. Bobby Box’s writing is horrible. Sean Zevran should be a staff writer just from his tweets.

  3. I don’t have a problem with who you post. But it would be nice to see more who are actually gay and therefore attainable. The Foxhole commenters seem to have this unspoken game of: Let’s find clues to see if he secretly plays for our team. It fulfills the stereotype that we want every man to be gay. There are plenty of friendly actually gay instamodels who would not be upset about being posted here. So posting someone who claims to be straight, then gets upset and is homophobic, seems counterproductive.

    I am over drooling over men who would get their boys to jump me if I said they were cute. Too many gay men (it’s not as highly reported as transwomen, but still happens) are being targeted on gay apps to get robbed, killed and raped. They know many of us have a “straight boy trade” fantasy.

    At the very least, if they are going to be straight, they could not be homophobic. I find guys who I relate to, through hashtags. #Gayblackmodel has plenty of eye candy.

    And nothing will ever be more desperate than paying over $50 for a 30 second video. The gays act way thirstier than the attentionistos.

  4. Straight up, I put escorts, go-go dancers, instagays, and attentionists at the top of my list of who I wanna fuck. They sell sex and they know how-to manipulate the people that they want im the right way. They do my dick good.

    Now, when it comes to dating, I’d only date one if there was a personality behind the persona that I liked.

    I don’t give a fuck bout Bobby. I don’t feel surprised that the instagay used filtered. I’m disgusted that he dragged instagay despite him having no problematic personality flaws.

    Bobby, take several seats.

  5. This Bobby Box dude was so all over the place it made my head spin lol. He was contradictory and confusing that i actually felt sorry for the Instagay he was trying to rip up.

    I have no sympathy for Bobby. Not even an ounce.

  6. You can keep gay escorts, go-go dancers, instagays, and attentionists as a boyfriend by locking their dick down I love their slutty way most them are in polyamorous relationship fuck other escorts, go-go dancers, instagays, and attentionists

  7. Sean is saying a whole lot of nothing.

    The article wasn’t offensive or catty, it just wasn’t interesting either.

    In any event, these pornstars, escorts, dancers, or Instagram famous dudes rarely live up to the hype. They sell an image and fantasy that makes it impossible to fulfill.

    Some of the best sex I’ve had are with people completely under the radar wearing clothes that actually hid their amazing cakes.

  8. Just wanted to comment and say how much I miss JAYs comments lol. Also, haven’t heard from The Man in a while. Them at YT are OGs.

  9. Man fawk them attentionistos. Male and female..lol. Them hos just make profit from being narcissistic goofballs that rely on the insecurities of others to make a profit just like the media. There is no difference. It is what it is for those that are into that kind of stuff tho.

    I know one thing. Whether I make 60,000 or 200,000 a year, I aint never pay for any nigga’s dick. Not only do I not have to, but the thought of giving money to someone because they choose go to a gym is ridiculous af. Dick is not required for me to stay alive so it doesn’t really sweat me either way.

    I’m not gonna be too brash about it tho. Most of us just accept the world as the mess it’s become & go on with our lives these days. That’s really all you can do. We literally went from, respect yourself & keep your integrity to, if the price is right, I’ll do whatever.

    Personally, I’m low-key sick of these full blown spornosexuals but as I said ..it is what it is these days. I also

    1. “I’m not gonna be too brash about it tho. Most of us just accept the world as the mess it’s become & go on with our lives these days. That’s really all you can do. We literally went from, respect yourself & keep your integrity to, if the price is right, I’ll do whatever.”

      I don’t think escorting was ever taboo in the homosexual community to be fair, the community has always been sex-obsessed and whatever goes was just brushed under the rug.

  10. Councilman Antonio Brown antonioismuted the only guy that interest me off ig. O I forgot denirokeith. I think he just moved to Atlanta. Back to what I was saying. Ironically the majority of the guys jamari post are friends with Antonio. Ryan Clearly, Forevermistah, Steven Beck a couple more. Thats husband material there. He compassionate, caring, accomplished. What more could one ask. Whenever I see him on these ATL streets he’s mine. Lol Hmmm he has a Jazz Event coming up on May 25. I just might come through. Im trying to be first lady. Lol

  11. What’s the point of being “University educated” if you’re just going to end up selling your ass to the highest bidder? Sean needs to calm down and get off HIS high horse. It’s not that serious

  12. Um, who is that guy in the pic? That’s a perfectly sculpted body and beautiful skin tone.

  13. I appreciate Sean’s “work” but that ranting was just another case of “a hit dog will holler”.

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