i wonda what life wit moe is really like?

i won’t even lie to you…
i’ve been wanting to font about moe for a minute.
since wells phargo lost all his sexiness with his schemes,
moe was another attentionisto who was on my radar.
as of right now,
he isn’t a dumb ass,
but he is sexy as-all-f.
so he’s an actor and athlete living in cali,
but he’s from detriot.
aside from looking like a whole snack

… he also has rare teachable perks.
he’s stacked from the front and back:

…although that tail might be homegrown.
i would pay for his “onlyfans” if he had one.
wolves who look/act like him are just eye candy.
“11pm to 3am entertainment” for a lucky 1 (or few).
my only complaint is his new hair:

what in the bone thugs n harmony is going on?
either curls or a low cut….

…anything else looks awful.
i’ll allow moe…
for now.

lowkey: he allegedly sent a pipe pic to our fav photographer.
imagine if he did one of his nude shotos?
i might have exploded.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “i wonda what life wit moe is really like?”

  1. Gay guys are weird. The only people who will thirst over and compliment you then throw shade. What’s even the point lol.

  2. First off giving credit where credit is due he is easy on the eyes, but he is trying to be an actor in California (without any information to go on i.e. no Instagram or social media to lookup) something just screams sponsorship which means that he only has eyes for white people and I’m sorry but with the current climate if he’s not messing around with anyone black I might have to pass. Forgive me if I’m wrong about him

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