would you get cozy with this wolf?

i love when the foxhole discovers new wolves.
there  a lot of fresh finds poppin up in the ig forests lately.
the foxes have been sending me some good ones.
so everyone meet wolf cozy.
he is a personal trainer,
massage therapist,
online coach,
and a all around meal

and these shots to level it off:

he’s a thick wolf,
ain’t he?
i wonder who takes his pics?
obviously it’s before they give him a ride.
he looks like doesn’t speak a lick of english and is fuckin’ for his green card.
he looks like he could be related to jeramie also:

…but on the the thicker side.
wolf cozy looks like he is getting ready to do give us more thirst traps.
he doesn’t speak or give opinions which is perfect.
we love a wolf who knows how to stfu and not spoil the fantasy.
i’ll allow it…
for now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “would you get cozy with this wolf?”

  1. He has a hit body, yeah …But his duck is tiny! Like 5 inches n he has that deformity where the skin on his dick and the head are fused together… His voice is so soft, and he sounds mentally ill when he talks you can tell there’s nothing but air up there. He says he’s straight but he always fielding himself and smashing guys on OF.

  2. He’s a dancer at a bar I work at uptown. Very chill guy & laid back. Definitely easy on the eyes.

        1. He lives in Connecticut, he indeed a dancer but not a very good one. His gf takes the pics and I must say I commend him cause she isn’t a IG model herself but he loves her and it’s cute. And he does speak, he goes live often and is very soft-spoken with a cute little lisp. And also he likes to trick folks into believing he has an onlyfans when he doesn’t. But it gets him likes.

  3. He has a grown man body! Body thick, a little hairy. He has the body I’m trying to get and want.

  4. Now Jamari, you know I’m one of the kits in the foxhole that can be opinionated and be brutally honest but not in a condescending way.

    I found both videos boring. What’s up with men these days teasing like this. Dudes now a days are worse than females with this. So I was kinda rolling my eyes at this. With that said, I will not sit up here and lie and act like he ain’t stacked right. Brutha looking nice. Even made me bite my bottom lip at one of his pics for a second…that’s a hard task…

    I am “personally” impatient with dudes (men) and teasing…lol

    If you gon’ show tha meat, show it. If you gon’ show the cakes, show them. I wanna classify him as a meal but with what he’s giving me…I’m leaning towards vending machine teas.

    Come on now boo. Y’all dudes better get it together. You can’t be that nice looking, giving out Happy meals. I need some receipts Jamari. Tell him to go full Monty and come back to the den. 😝

    1. ^ig is the new “playgirl” magazine.
      we don’t have to pay to see good looking males anymore.
      we need to sign onto instagram and tumblr for more lol

  5. Damn! He is stacked in all the right places! That ass & those legs! Daddy can keep me warm anytime!

  6. He’s the type to have some of these straight masculine wolves singing Kylie Minogue songs once he gets up in it. I ain’t mad at all.

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