they dragged the life outta moe

pineapples sure know how to cancel themselves.
it’s that “low income mentality” that fucks them up each time.
aka @lifewitmoe,
is like any other r. kelly fan.
he sees the freaky lyrics and not the disgusting behavior.
he also seems to be a lowkey homophobe too.
a foxholer alerted me that he was getting dragged on twitter.
this is what he allegedly tweeted from his twitter

which led to this:

and alllllllla this

if that’s him,
does he not realize the internet never forgets?

i’m also confused at the tweets.
what do gays even have to do with this???
imagine if chris brown tweeted that vile shit?

he’d be cancelled in a heartbeat.
even if you feel this way about r. kelly,
ima need people to know what “kitchen table talk”.
i learned that from aunt wendy.

kitchen table talkwhen you’re giving your rawest/honest/no holds barred opinion about something/someone/a situation in a private setting.

everyone has kitchen table talk out here.
…but the smart ones know to keep it there.
moe might need to learn where that place in his life is.
i’m sure he’ll have time to figure it out in his banishment.
he was cute too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “they dragged the life outta moe”

  1. I prefer when people like this speak up and voice their true feelings. Now we get to choose to support them or banish them.

    1. Agreed! Folks’ true colors are showing all over the place. Like Iyanla says, “Let’s call a thing a thing.”

  2. U know why he tweeted about “the gays”? I’ll give you one shot to guess… Anybody care that much to insert a non sequitor like that is immediately sus in my opinion… Internet sleuths reveal in 1… 2… 3…

    Clearly he didn’t listen to Demetrius.

  3. His tweets were confusing though…I honestly think he confused himself in the process, lol. Like it sounded like he was saying he was ok with listening to R. Kellys music regardless of the age he singing about, just as long as its female based because that dont have anything to do with him but if he found out its about guys…thats where he draws the line.

    He dumb. If listening to R. Kelly’s music after finding out its about men, turns you off because you dont want to hear or imagine the lyrics, why cant the same be said for singing about an underage female? Or do u block that part out and just imagine the female part?

  4. My coworker said “wtf do you mean Wendy Williams teaches you a lot? what teach you how to gossip?” And he will never understand that thanks to my aunt Wendy I’m never inappropriate at work or anywhere else I keep my kitchen table talk to myself and maybe a good friend or two. He will never be able to make it as a star and live those tweets down. He better hope an employer doesn’t get their hands on those tweets.

  5. Who is this child again? Rapper? Porn actor turned YouTube webseries actor? Attentionisto? Sip and paint nude model? Jamari doll, I’m gonna need you to do your research on these fools before they make your tail sit up. Okay? I’ve lost count of how many guys you’ve featured who have cancelled themselves over anti-gay rhetoric. It’s a great disservice to admire those who hate us.

    1. ^honestly,
      i think it’s good that we find out they are trife as it happens.
      the foxhole has cancelled so many because of their behavior.
      i’d rather know now than follow them their stardom,
      get put under their spell,
      and they get revealed to be an asshole.
      get rid of the trash now so we can have some real treasures who support us.

      1. …or worthy of our support! I agree, we gotta start holding people accountable when and if they are being problematic. Folks been getting passes for way too long.

  6. Jamari, you introduce me to folks I’ve never even heard of. I didn’t even know this soul existed. Don’t know what he does but he might need to enroll in some bodies classroom.

    He’s probably one of these new generation problems as I call them.

    Also, peep how he is calling the white guy, Nigga then turns around and says he’s not that type of nigga…Now if that white guy called him Nigga back…..Hmm

    As many times as I say it, “These things will never change.”

  7. Why is everyone getting so “emotional” over this issue? Ellen Degeneres (a white wealthy lesbian) decided all black men can be as homophobic as they please. We are trolls if we call out the anti gay tweets online.

  8. He done changed his name to @ninobrownfr now so he can stay in hiding. What a bitch. Hate that he’s from Detroit and reps my city.

  9. I hope this shit follows him to the end of the Earth. I cant stand homophobes and the shit they be spewing. He says R. Kelly fuckin around with lil girls ain’t got shit to do with him, he still gone listen to music. Then in the next breath says that if R. Kelly is secretly gay then he cant listen to him. How does THAT have anything to do with you either? How can you tolerate him and his pedophilia but the moment he messes around with a dude…?! Dudes like this make me sick and are mostly closeted gays and self-hating.

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