robby xl gets some alleged pipe leakage?

i’m not a fan of that mop on singer,
robby xl,

i mean,
it ain’t my head,
but i find robby sexier when he has a haircut.


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there we go.
he cums alive when he is feeling himself.


it ain’t my head tho
a lot of folks,
including myself,
thought robby came in a smaller size in his big bawdy.
i had foxholers asking if marvin bienaime ever released the meat in the un-edited shots.
these alleged leaks seem to say otherwise…


he looks like the type who would take pics like this when he was younger.
as far as the alleged pipe leakage:

That’s not bad at all

what is that?
like a 7′?
no cap,
i thought he would be like 4 inches hard.
his print didn’t give me too much.
if he is a 7′ and knows how to work them hips,
he can lay some damage on some pussy.
some of the biggest pipes tend to produce the laziest lovers.
if robby got down,
i’d let him bang me like a gong in tibetan mountains.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “robby xl gets some alleged pipe leakage?”

  1. I can’t do big dicks. For the folks who can, 🗣️ I SEE YOU!! 😂😂 I ain’t built for it. Rob is decent but just having that XL body on top of me, I’m throwing up gang signs Lmaooo

    1. Kam…

      I thought I was crazy for being afraid of big D#CKs… I used to think I was suppose to like em . Years later I realized that I don’t need my man to have a huge c##k

      Back when I would hook-up with someone and finally got to see their equipment, I would get stage fright and couldn’t understand why. ( ha ha ha ha )

      1. It seems to me that a lot that have them don’t know how to use them. But then the ones that want them can’t take them. Idk, but seems to go round and round like that.

  2. OK J. I love coming to visit you and all. lol But, this damn sendspace gives my pc malware. Looks like I wont be seeing them pics. lol

  3. Team 7” checking in. It’s boyfriend size, Goldilocks level shit(you can take it every day!). Size queens turn me down, though. Also, the guys I’ve met with 9+ inches are usually trash humans.

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