oops i watched britney spears documentary (the jackals broke a nice thing)

ever since someone on the foxhole said britney spears dances like a cheerleader,
i haven’t been able to un-see it.
are these cheerleader dance moves here too:

i’m scared of the answer.
she always seemed inspired by janet than madonna.
to me anyway.
like i fonted on my ig story over the weekend:

Britney Spears life turned out to be so sad

she always struck me as a really sweet vixen,
but many a jackal sniffed out that sweetness and used it to destroy her.
i saw a lot of folks talking about her recently and i was wondering wtf was going on.
the pretty vixen sent me her latest documentary,
the new york times presents framing britney spears” on hulu,
and it was a lot to unpack.
i had to wonder tho…

Am I the only one who thinks this conservatorship is actually helping her?

i feel like britney lost her mind a while ago.
i mean,
have folks seen her ig posts?


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ya’ll surrrrrrrrrrre she should be let out into the world without supervision?

i hope to discuss this more indepth with cousin hybrid on the podcast this week.
he is a super stan of hers and i’d love his opinion.
i’ll leave the doc for ya’ll to come to your own conclusion:


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25 thoughts on “oops i watched britney spears documentary (the jackals broke a nice thing)”

  1. Britney is a grown woman who has proven she is capable of releasing albums and world tours. she deserves her freedom. this is a bigger issue of how we treat the mentally ill in this country. having a mental illness doesn’t mean you should lose your rights. #freebritney

      1. I am really not a conspiracy nut but, if there was a person that you told me was a victim of MK Ultra Mind Control… ⬆⬆⬆⬆! I would absolutely believe it. I also believe they never really allowed Britney to grow up. The world, her family, the record label never allowed her to be an adult. I think that caused the initial rebellion the we saw her go through. She like Whitney Houston have too many people eating off of her!

    1. Britney is mentally ill and a danger to herself. Just a couple of months ago her kitchen caught on fire. It’s okay if you’re a fan, but what’s scary is NONE OF YOU ARE DOCTORS AND DONT know her diagnosis. You got your education from Twitter. Stop pretending you know what’s good for her because you don’t. We never seen her triggers or her breakdowns, she was on drugs before the breakdown so that can also contribute. I see the fans in here getting mad, stop worrying about this rich white girl, We have mentally ill black stars that can’t work and need help. (Lark Voorhies)

      PS if Britney conservatorship is a sham, does that make Amanda Bynes conservatorship a sham? FOH

      1. Ooo I love somebody who can see through the bullshit! Can we talk about Lark Voorhies and Maia Campbell from In The House?!? Chile Britney and all her millions will be ok.

      2. shut the fuck up. It was her gym and Britney went on world tours, residency’s and hosted a tv show. Britney doesn’t want to be free, she wants to be free of her dad! Dumb ass people smh

  2. Britney likes and desires to be with ” NON-WHITE” men. Her father and family do not like this and needed to control it. She suffered a nervous breakdown/ Post-Partum Depression .This occurred due to the break up of her marriage and 2 kids back-to-back.

    Instead of putting the poor girl on Zoloft they initiated the Conservatorship.

    My Receipts:

    She had an affair with Columbo Short [ Who was her background dancer before he became famous]
    She dated Ray J [ yeah, I know ,but it was the 90’s ]
    She has a thing for Middle Eastern type guys[ Adnan Ghalib , her ex-manager Sam Lutfi and her current boyfriend Sam Asghari is Iranian]

    She couldn’t get black guys, so her family let her date “Wiggers” [ Justin Timberlake and Ex- Husband Kevin Fendiline who has kids with Shar Jackson ]

    1. What does her taste for dick have to do with her mental state? You saying because she likes big dicks she is mental? I say that because most of those guys are “allegedly” packing. She cheated on Justin with the dude from You Got Served. I get it sometimes good dick would drive you crazy but that has nothing to do with her mental capacity. Hell Tina Turner didn’t stay with Ike because he was dicking her down every night. He was sticking his dick in any and every other woman besides Tina (Anna Mae or Ann as he called her).

      Britney didn’t scalp her head because Ray was fucking Kim Kardashian. Her mental breakdown and post-partum depression has nothing to do with the race of men she fucking. Even tho that’s her private business. Without proper help, you right the mental state can go haywire. In all my years on this Earth, this would be a first that a woman is mentally unstable because of the dick she gets instead of her career where she is steady trying to keep up with the likes of today’s pop stars. Family with an unstable baby father and a whole bunch of other things that can contribute to the cause. Its clear we WON’T know because that is private information. Let her be a mom instead of trying to be THE Britney Spears from back then. Its crazy how fans make these celebrities this way because of their selfish ways. Not saying you are her fan and that’s contributing to that but fans in general. Celebrities are human too. Who they are fucking is none of our business. They need a life too, they have needs too.

  3. Why do I feel like her biggest fan is going to post “leave Britney Alone!” Chris Crocker style. That is not the same Mickey Mouse club Britney. That is Soccer Mom, PTA Britney. The Britney Spears BACK then… is gone. Look at them moves, I have seen 5 year olds dance better than that. I mean she would be great for a cheerleading competition but looking at that and seeing the dances on TikTok, I hope she doesn’t try these moves for her shows. Those are the moves where you walk out and ask for your money back. Don’t do it again Britney. Please. Just be a mom.

  4. Britney Spears is basically living as a working pop star generating millions of dollars annually yet her 12 year conservatorship is saying she’s not capable of independence. You have to consider the conflict of interest and question those who may be self-interested when everyone of both sides of her conservatorship(her father, her lawyers and the conservatorship lawyers) are eating good off her.

  5. Fame is an extremely unnatural & man-made thing, They took a 16yr old child & threw her head first into it, then she had to go through natural growing pains all while cameras filmed. Hell, if you filmed my life through my 20s..BayBAY! the shit you’d see 😭 lol but seriously I do believe the amount of life she’s lived as fast as she’s lived it has had a traumatic & Permanent affect, she’s already seemed like a very “soft” person, so it doesn’t surprise me that being exposed to the ugliest parts of society for so long has damaged her

  6. So once again instead of actually trying to have an actual discussion about mental illness and her struggles you resort to essentially saying she’s crazy and saying she’s a bad dancer?! Certain matters just shouldn’t be discussed if you don’t have the mental acuity to actually discuss them in the manner they are deserving of. You might have thought this was cute little clickbait, however it’s just showing a truly lacking in class. Do better sis.

    1. ^ so i like comments like this.
      you took what you want from it because you are really invested in her life.
      which is fine,
      but i didn’t disrespect her or even YOU personally.

      so i mentioned her dancing,
      not because i personally think she is a bad dancer,
      but i can see the “cheerleader” moves.
      i even said she seems more inspired by janet than madonna (who can’t dance).

      i did discuss her mental health,
      which led to the discussion in the comments.
      i said she is off and her social media shows that.
      i do NOT agree with this #freebritney movement tbh.
      we don’t know what they are keeping bts to protect her.

      the title wasn’t clickbait because:

      a) i watched the doc
      b) people broke a nice girl down and used her

      thanks for the comment lex!
      stay encouraged.

  7. Jamari you are completely right. The conservatorship was put in place for a reason. All these Britney fans saying free Britney, are just as coocoo as she is. I never felt bad for her. Even at the height of her so called breakdown. All she had to was sit her ass down in her mansion. I have no idea why no one wants to acknowledge that she’s a former meth addict. She was showing all the symptoms. The old Britney is gone because she fried her brain.

    As for her (prime)dancing skills. She was okay. Overrated by her stans tho. She had limits. You could see it every time she performed Slave 4 U.

    1. Do you have receipts or are you just another queen bothered by an unproblematic queen who’s naturally a better dancer than your fave?!

  8. You guys discussion about Britney is as interesting as the documentary might be. Another victim of the fame monster, it seems…

  9. I watched it this morning. Personally I found the fandom surrounding the #freebritney movement cringey. I double tapped on the YT to fast forward when the were interviewing some of the fans.

    Some take always…

    Justin Timberlake has been and always will be an asshole.

    Jamie Spears is a leach of a father. Fuck him.

    Someone needs to look in to whether the judge has any stake in keeping Britney in the conservatorship.

    Kevin needs to give a shit about his baby mama. At least this one.

    Thought it was badass that she did the big announcement for her last LV residency… and just walked TF off the stage and into the waiting car, knowing full well it wasn’t going to happen.

  10. I think a lot of you all of missing the point. the. conservatorship says Britney is incapable taking care of herself, yet she is able to maintain a multimillion dollar career.
    britney herself doesn’t want the conservatorship, and until last year wasn’t allowed to choose her own lawyers to represent her.
    conservatorships are often business and often filled with exploitation and corruption in this country, I suggest looking at Jamie Oliver’s deep dive into the matter.

    there is inherent sexism in this situation, I don’t we would be having this conversation if Britney was a man.

    last, there are other options for people that need help. personal assistants, aids, people who’s job it is to look after and help you make decisions if you own ability is impaired.

  11. Ok, so I finished the documentary and my final thoughts are expressed by Adam Streisand: “We don’t know what we don’t know…”

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