robby xl is gonna sing himself out his own drawz (the naked nine)

robby xl.
i think the first time i saw him was on tumblr.
he dropped down my timeline and i was “who tf?”.
you know i got all the info and started following him on snapchat.
i learned robby is a tall,
aspiring singer,
and a thick wolf from jersey.
i think robby is sexy af.
he has a really handosme face to me.
he’s shouted the foxhole out the times i’ve put him on ig.
when i posted this,
it got a shit ton of views:

welcome to the main foxhole robby.
so robby has been working with marvin bienaime on “the naked nine”.

lust on super activated.
he can sing and looks like that?

i feel like after all these years,
robby is finally finding his way to success.
i don’t think many took him seriously before,
but this marvin situation will be a good look.
i mean he’s on the main fohxole.
i’m interested to see what it does.
i’ll be staying tuned.

lowkey: i love robby’s song for “exposure (you lied)”…

i’ll allow it.

check out robby xl on: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “robby xl is gonna sing himself out his own drawz (the naked nine)”

  1. keep it classy kam, keep it classy 😂

    see i was about to let my inner ratchet thoughts fly but since he fucks with the foxhole and might see this, ill be respectful lol

  2. Wow!!! He can Sing, Handsome and Comfortable in his Beautiful ,Tatted Skin. Your slant on him made all the difference. I peeped him on Marvin’s Site ( thought he was attractive,) but you did it again. Thanks

  3. He may be nice looking….but his vocal range is a little strange. I won’t be rude bit I will say that the beginning part of the video sounded interesting…

    So this calendar is for women? Every vid I see of the guys, the dudes always address the females?

    Chi, let me go to bed…I got some work to do in the morning.

  4. Trey Songz has the vibrato of a goat and Usher can only sing in the studio. I admit Trey’s smile overshadows his lackluster singing skills. I remember thinking he was a big vocal deal because Patti Labelle introduced him. He..cannot sing live. He sounds pretty good in the studio.

  5. He is a weak singer he been trying for years out of New Jersey and no one was checking for him then or NOW. He went to Miami because people act like fake fans their asking for pics but no one cares about his music. Modeling might be the only thing he could be good af well naked modeling because he’s too big to be a real model for brands. Good luck tho

  6. Someone showed me some YouTube vids of him singing back when he was cute, slender, and younger. He seemed zestier then, so I assume got the muscles and tatts to hide behind. He’s still somewhat decent looking, but I have no clue what kind of career he expects to have after posing for Messy Marv and being ass butterball naked daily on his timeline.

    I said the same thing about Eric Crawley’s thick, fine, long dick self and Altarik from Xtube (remember him?) – both of whom sing their asses off.

    Sure Cardi did it, but unfortunately there’s a double standard for men.

    It’s a shame he went the attentionisto route so early on. He could’ve definitely gotten a major single or two and a feature due to his look.

    Mumble rap and sing-talking is the wave now so while he may not put Trey or Usher back on the corner, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller might have to leak a dick pic or three.

    Robby’s vocals are trash BTW. Fight me.

    1. @DJ you’re so f… RUDE/brutally honest and I LOVE it lmao. People can’t handle the truth… By the way, I just read your comment on Don Lemon entry and was screaming. This dude is my kind of guy!!! Lol

  7. He tried it having a song called “You Lied”, when he’s claiming straight, but pulling his pants down in public. #bottom

    I cannot stand when they make faces like they’re actually hitting notes with Milli Vanilli vocals.

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