jussie smollett is going to make sure ya’ll believe him

so i’ve been waiting patiently for valentine’s day.
it’s not because i wanted some wack ass chocolates either.
 it’s the day jussie smollett would get interviewed by robin roberts.
as you know he was attacked in an alleged hate crime that 90% of ya’ll don’t believe.
maybe 95% after ya’ll watch the interview?
well this is what he had to say this morning on “gma”...

my thoughts…
well first:

Did he mention he was going to Walgreens before?

i was shocked to learn he smoked too.
look i’ll continue to believe he was attacked,
but i’ll admit the story is getting pretty weird.
i feel it’s missing key components that’s making folks doubt it.
the “not giving up the phone records” thing was what made me question.
i’d like this story to vanish.
it’s time they do everything to make it sink because it’s going nowhere fast.
it’s great pr for jussie,
but there is no end game in sight.
God forbid he is lying…
as i was fontin this,
“tmz” says they may have more suspects behind the attack.
according to them:

Jussie Smollett is being questioned again by Chicago PD … and officers are also talking to another man, an actor who has also appeared on “Empire” … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the case tell us the actor, not Jussie, was picked up by Chicago PD Wednesday night right after he flew into O’Hare Airport. We’re told Jussie was brought in Thursday morning for additional questioning. Another man who was with the actor at O’Hare was also taken in for questioning.

The two individuals are being questioned as “persons of interest.” Police won’t say if they are the same 2 people seen in the grainy image released last month. But, law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe the 2 people were at the scene of the alleged attack.  

As for how cops ID’d the 2 people they’re questioning — we’re told they used rideshare and/or taxicab records to track their locations the night of the alleged incident.

so they’re saying these randoms were at the same place as jussie?
i swear,
this story has more twist and turns than a track on mario kart.
i can’t even imagine what they’ll find next.

lowkey: it’s so funny how i said he was unproblematic in my 2018 end of year review.
The Universe said not so fast…

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “jussie smollett is going to make sure ya’ll believe him”

  1. This story isn’t going turn in Jussie favor, too many holes in it.
    I’m going seat back and watch this play out. I hope this man isn’t lying.

    1. ^they need to get the suspects and just go away with this.
      every-time jussie says something,
      someone counters it with a “but…”
      he can continue to fight,
      but folks will look at this story with too many suspicions

      1. it is very easy to punch holes in a story when the events does not add up.
        that’s why they needed his phone, to see who he called and text at what time and location. for Jussie too not turn over the phone, when they ask.
        that means something isn’t adding up. and another thing every house has bleach in it.

  2. Sounded quite credible to me. Heard a hour ago on Boston news that the Chicago police have I’d 2 possible suspects.. His body language, eye c contact showed a confidence, surety. We will see how this plays out..

  3. That was going to get some ass or dick and didn’t comply when they extort him so they follow him and fuck him up

  4. I believe him… But lets be clear people don’t believe him because he’s black & gay. If it were a straight blacl mam attacked by Trumpers the BLM signs would’ve been marching themselves!

  5. I believe him mainly because I don’t think he would fake a hate crime.His activism for black causes and gay causes is too important to him.Also I don’t think he would betray his friends and family by lying to them and damage his reputation and family name by participating in a hoax.His sister and brother were just on Extra yesterday discussing their design show and they defended him.He wouldn’t have them out here looking foolish, IMO.

      1. They who?
        TMZ just reported the person of interest home has been raided.They found the bleach and other items.He is Nigerian and he was an extra on Empire

      2. OK I just read the reports.I hope this isn’t true. If it is, his career is over and he will be arrested.I hope this is not true.

  6. Chi…I’m just gonna sit back and watch cause I don’t already done said enough. People are gonna believe what they want to and when you show them the truth, they will still call you a lie and doubt you.

    Well, as I said earlier about this….

    Wait nevermind….I’m just chilling.

    Also, I ain’t surprised he smokes….acting is stressful, so is sucking d***…..espe especi if it’s big.

    1. “People are gonna believe what they want to and when you show them the truth, they will still call you a lie and doubt you.”

      THIS!!! I’m not talking about this anymore because I know how it is going to turn out. If Jussie is telling the truth and the CPD prove that without a shadow of a doubt, homophobes and trump supporters who refuse to believe it claiming it is some liberal media hoax. Conversely, Jussie is found to be lying, his supports still won’t believe him and accuse the admittedly historically racist and corrupt CPD of lying and covering up evidence to frame Jussie. Why bother when everyone’s made up their minds already….?????

  7. Sounds like empire needed a ratings boost so the network staged the letter and 2 disposable extras to do some extra work. I bet they were promised they wouldn’t get caught

    1. ^that would be so fucked up if that is the truth tony.

      here i am thinking it was an alleged drug deal gone wrong.

      i was coming up with all kind of motives after jussie wouldn’t give his phone up.

  8. I can understand the phone. I know of someone asks to see pictures that are my phone, I’m praying they dont swipe too many times …lol. He probably had some pics with a 12 inch dildo up his ass or Lee Daniel’s topping the f$% out of him

    1. I can see Lee wearing some red pumps and red mac lipstick fucking the hell out of Jussie lol. I’ve always found Lee to be strange.

  9. Jussie is not lying stop saying bad things about him those racist just seeing how far they can go to harm a black person seeing if we stick together or turn on him gay or straight l LOVE HIM and iam down for him if we don’t stop them now lT WILL BE SOMEONE ELSE so let ‘s bring these people to justice.stop questioning people sexuality and questioning these kkk and skinheads and nazi and anygroup that HATES and l wouldn’t have given them my PHONE EITHER .we can’t GET INFORMATION FROM IPOLITICANS who Are being arrested.DAILY he has stars INFORMATION in his phone if they wanted to know if he was talking to his manger or who was on the phone with him they should question THEM I LOVE YOU JU$$IE SELF DESTRUCTION . DON’T LET US DO SELF DESTRUCTION. TYPE IN THE SONG LISTEN TO IT (NOW)

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