marvin bienaime brings about the ideal 3some

oh hey…
so the f-bi is on the hunt for “jail”.
“jail” is the nickname for ^that wolf.
marvin has been teasing him on his ig as only marvin would…

well “jail” was joined by robby xl and…

they both look like they’re on the prison yard.
am i mad?
hell to the nope.
marvin posted this treat as well:


Are they in this shoot together?

if so,
this is going to be very interesting.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “marvin bienaime brings about the ideal 3some”

      1. You bettah count on the Foxhole to deliver the meats because Creepy Marv will never @mention nor tag his model’s personal IG pages. He straight up blocked many people for asking why?

  1. The dude with the Caeser cut is really good looking but seems boring but the other dude, Robby, looks like he will fuck you down and has personality. I’ll take Robby.

    1. ^robby is bae.
      i’ve been following him for a few years now.
      it’s good to see him finally getting noticed.
      he is fine af and folks was sleeping on that thick wolf

  2. I was just looking at them and thought to myself “I wonder if any1 would be mad or let down if when they talked, they had high pitched voices and were like Heyyyyy guuuurrrlllah!” Lmao 😀

    1. Most butch queens have a trade voice that they practice. When they get emotional or have a penis in them, it comes out.

  3. Imo..they book look the same. No indication of individuality what so ever. It’s like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies vs Greater Value Crisp Rice. This is not a shot at the men’s looks as they are attractive, but I can’t help but notice this unnerving obsession for tattooed muscle bound men that Marvin has. Not that I’m saying anything is wrong with drooling over the type from time to time

    These types of men probably wouldnt even glance at most of their followers unless dollar signs were in the equation. 🤫🤣🤣

    Is Charles the darker one in the old vids? Despite me being obsessed with dark meat, I think the one I see here with the beard is sexier to be honest. I’m afraid that if he opens his mouth though… something silly might come out.

    But the real fine one I saw was that one who was putting on his underwear and you saw that chocolate muscle booty. The one in that jacuzzi was nice looking too.

  4. Marin might be a legit miracle worker, because Alfredo doesn’t look half as good on his own IG page. I had to do a double take and thought my eyes were deceiving me.

  5. so is marvin moving toward porn or what… maybe that’s why he’s asking all these guys for hard-on shots (allegedly)… no shade, but what happened to his model shots sans nudity… wait, what the f i am i saying… never mind marvin, bring on the d & a…

  6. I mean that’s what makes money. Ain’t no gays trying to see men dressed in respectable attire like business suits and other fashion lines. They want to see dik and ass…str8 looking, masculine appearing dik n azz. Apparently some single females do too but the majority be gays. Marvin would be a fool not to tap into the influx of funds gay men spend on fantasies.

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