he eye-fucked me but he didn’t cum

i got eye-fucked today.
bloody senseless.
i always felt like if you’re eye-fuckin the shit outta me,
you need to make it your business to cum.
now i’m always down for a good eye fuck,
but they never end up going anywhere.
simply ugh…

i went into my usual spot to get lunch today.
in this particular spot,
there is always a rotation of cashiers.
this fine ass wolf was rotating behind the counter.
i have this thing where i can tell if you look good from the back.
he had a clean ceaser and his back muscles was crazy in his shirt.
when he turned around

handsome face

tatts all over both arms
looked like nothing less of ‘fuck you stupid’ on command

that is exactly what i’m (non)looking for right now.
if i fall into a wolf’s lap,
then cool,
but i’m not actively trolling for pipe.
in a perfect world,
i’d score an amazing friend with benefits.
the buddy i can give the booty to.
one who looks good af and doesn’t have crotch critters of any kind.
inside and outside the crotch.
the gentleman in my sandwich shop looked like that type.

so as i waited for my sandiwch to be made,
we were both in the middle of some serious eye foreplay.
we’d break line of sight as he’d ring up a custoker,
but we’d do this mating ritual shortly after.
i made sure that i went into his line.
ย he was smiling at me and spoke to me in that bedroom tone.

“Your total is 12.92.
Would you like debit or credit?”

i was harder than valyrian steel (got reference)

not really.
he was surrounded by his co-workers.
you could tell some of those vixens want to give him the pussy.
if they haven’t already.
my co-worker,
who i suspect is attracted to me,
was with me as well.
i told him thank you.
he said you’re welcome,
while maintaining a large smile.
the only meat i got was in my sandwich.
i would to hate to think he got down and was just friendly.
some of these straights can be really friendly.
i don’t want friendly.
i want dick to discreetly suck on.
so i had to wonder…

How much eye fuckin’ do you have to do to confirm they want you?

is it two or more stares?
is it in the eyes?
how they’re looking at you?
do you need to wink 3 times and do an air hump?
i’m not good at this.
is it wrong to say i wish he would have hit on me first?
i know.
i hope to go in there again for another sandwich.
i want another type of meat in some bunz.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “he eye-fucked me but he didn’t cum”

  1. my good vixen friend told me recently

    “you can eye fuck all day, they’ll never approach you. you look too straight. that poker face doesn’t help either.”

    its funny because i don’t try to appear ‘straight acting’. im just shy lol

      1. You have to be clever. When I first started college, this guy asked me a classroom was. We were right in front of it. I was talking to a friend outside of her dorm and holding the door open for people. He came out and said nothing. I yelled after him, “You’re welcome!” He turned around and said, “Thank you”, while laughing. Then he was in one of my classes. Signed into the course website, sent an invite to an event a club I was in, was hosting to all classmates. Guess who showed up? When I left, he left…

        The point is, see what events or mixers your job is holding. Even if they’ll be after your temp timeline. Have a flyer, business card, something and ask if they allow the posting of flyers. If he says no, give him your business card and go from there.

        You’re clever. You’ll come up with an excuse.

  2. Mannnn, u hit the nail on the head when u said some str8 men can be really friendly. And thats where I tend to get messed up at because I cant help what Im attracted to and more often than not, its seemingly str8 guys. But when their overly nice or go out of their way to be friendly to me, who is openly gay, I cant help but crush. But I gotta keep telling myself “their str8, their str8” lmao.

    And then on top of that, Im shy in public. So that whole eye fuck thing, we’ll both do and nothing ever comes of it because the other dude is either gay and shy too or str8 and just keep staring at me cause I keep staring at him but thinking to myself, were staring at eachother, lmao.

    Its only a handful of guys Ive ever striked the courage to ask them were they gay, and I hate to say it, but they were all white. I feel like with a lot of masculine black men where you cant tell if their str8 or not but u have a feeling they feeling u…I feel your always taking a risk in them possibly getting offended and wanting to beat the crap out of you for asking. I live in Baltimore, men here are insecure in their sexuality and will make a scene if u ask them, even if it was discreet…smh.

    I used to think to myself “why dont they take it as a compliment…u can attract both guys and girls”. But then I realized that the reason they get so mad is because if you ask them are they gay, they think u saw something gay in them. Like “he wouldnt have asked me if he didnt think I was” And I be like “No, it dont have anything to do with that. Ur attractive and I dont know if u are…thats why Im asking.”

    Anyway…I wish there was a more discreet sign besides finding them on Jack’d or Grindr, lol. I remember in the movie “Cover” where they would say “looks like you have something in ur eye, want me to blow it out” to let men know they got down. As if it could ever be that easy! Corny? Yes! But easy? No, lol

  3. It Depends on the lay up. Based on your interaction those are the signs( I trust you due to your intelligence and Hi Emotional IQ)โ€ฆ.. My only hesitation is the ” Lay -Up” He was the “Face” of the establishment taking your order. Smiling and friendliness is why they put him up there . I was a Sales person/Cashier for a while.

    So this is what I need you to do:

    1 ) Go back Alone
    2) Dine in, or find a reason to hang around after he takes your order
    3) Make sure you are in his line of sight( ignore him part of the time )
    4 ) if he makes an effort to replay the “Eye F#cking” , like the above visit he’s your. (Smile)

  4. Get some business cards and discreetly pass it to him. Heโ€™ll know whatโ€™s up. Itโ€™s worked for me EVERYTIME…

  5. Chile, y’all keep messing with these “questionable str8 men” if you want to. Imma be tuning into the Foxhole Ike and Tina Confessionals, while sipping tea, “You in danger girl.”


    If ain’t no one gon’ tell you, I will. Get you some d*ck…like soon ๐Ÿ˜. Eye sex is so high school…maybe community college teas. I had one boy do that & I gave him a nasty look cause I consider staring rude as hell, especially for adults. It’s 2019.. be bout you business and get the wood.. (just make sure it’s safe.) I ain’t trying to read nothing about nobody itchin.

    Who ever mentioned exchanging business cards has clearly been in the game to know the tricks of the trade…That’s some only a discreet professional would say. ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š This is the true method of bagging a brutha who might be interested because it’s a safe bet..If he’s interested, he’ll hit you back up. You’re business card can have your social media and everything. Yess!

    I peeped that a while back. They also did the same thing on an episode of DL Chronicles.

    And F them females. Y’all want the same thing…survival of the fittest ho. I dunno how y’all Northern boys do it tho. Y’all be on some other stuff. Y’all be having eyeball sex…Chi. Then again..some of these folks in the South need to chill.

    These Nola boys down here be fine af with them accents & you know they got that Jambalaya meat too. Long as hell. Imma good boy now with my boo but I remember this chocolate dude from years. Couldn’t stand him, and he couldn’t stand me with his bixch ass. Anyways. But one day he fuked the hell outta me. The kind of meat that have you praising God, paying tithes and preaching in the same sentence. I felt good after that. I can see why some say, good d*ck will change your mood.

    I’m probably one of your few uptight kind of Foxholers. There might be others but I hope you been staying positive and witha a good minded outlook. You get what you put out so keep ya eyes open..(wait I wasn’t even intending for an y ending puns….๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ™„)

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