he eye-fucked me but he didn’t cum

i got eye-fucked today.
bloody senseless.
i always felt like if you’re eye-fuckin the shit outta me,
you need to make it your business to cum.
now i’m always down for a good eye fuck,
but they never end up going anywhere.
simply ugh…

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Eye To Eye (The Kiddies)

tumblr_static_blue_hipster_triangle_doller_eyethis morning,
i was severely eye fucked until i couldn’t be eye fucked anymore.

i was eye fucked so hard,
i needed a cigarette afterward…
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If eyes are the window to the soul…

…then I must have my curtains down.

Seriously, I am so bad at eye contact.
I do a lot of looking off and looking to the side when I am speaking to someone.
I am also terrible at the whole Wolf eye fuckin’ thing too.
I never could get it right and when I do, I feel like I am being obvious as hell.
I am sure they think I’m stuck up or not interestedand the latter isn’t the case.
A lot of people are naturals at this eye fuckin’ thing, but I am such a bad eye fuck.

How do you get them to cum to you with your eyes?

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