Eye To Eye (The Kiddies)

tumblr_static_blue_hipster_triangle_doller_eyethis morning,
i was severely eye fucked until i couldn’t be eye fucked anymore.

i was eye fucked so hard,
i needed a cigarette afterward…

when i was on the train this morninggggggggggg










what appeared to be a sixteen year old cub was all in my “grillz”.
you read right.
he had a back pack so i only assumed he was that age.
he looked kinda young,
but he acting fresh as hell.
he was with his mama and his little sister.
when his mother turned his head,
he would commence to eye fuckin’ me heavy.
when she got off the train at the next stop,
it was just the sister and him.
so we played this game of looking at each other,
looking away,
and then catching eye contact again.
he was also licking and biting on his lips.
tumblr_lxjztlnswf1qal3lwo1_400honestly it made me nervous,
but i’m not one to turn down a good eye fuckin’.
he did give me the impression he has been turned out,
or he was trying to be.
he was acting way too fresh,
but judging from how his mother treated him,
he seemed to be sheltered
…or something.
or maybe not?
i don’t do “pedo” and i don’t do kids.
he was definitely a kid.
as much as i want a wolf,
i’m not getting with a kid.
like what are we gonna talk about?
adult swim and curfews?
next thing you know,
my crib is the new hang out spot.
he’ll be tell me how he wants to take care of me,
how his mama treats him like a kid,
and that he will drop out of high school and get a job.
832838334nahhhhhhhh homie.
i love my wolves 21 and up.
those tend to be better rides anyway.

19 thoughts on “Eye To Eye (The Kiddies)

  1. I can honestly feel both sides of what you guys are saying, but I would have to side more so with the man on this one. Like jay said, “when in doubt, choose the path that leads AWAY from prison”. Now i understand that he may have been of age, hell i could very well be placed in the same situation; I’m over 18 and ppl have told me i look as young as 15. It can be frustrating, trust me kids today are oversexed w/other kids and are trying to get at older men and women. Many take “age is nothing but a number” to heart and think that who/how many they date/sleep with makes them grown; i know some of the very kids that were with 20+yr olds while they were freshman in hs. Think about all the stories that you hear or that you yourself have posted about ppl messing w/underagers, I’m almost certain that they all started w/ “just a look” or something that they thought was “innocent” or they “weren’t really doing anything illegal” and it just escalated. If you truly believe that he could be of age, (a backpack just suggests school, could be hs or college) then follow the man’s advice and strike up an appropriate convo (small talk) and just ask how old he is.

    But let me say two things. 1) Wow jamari, really? “Adult swim and curfews”? When did you adopt the “young folks have nothing to talk about” mentality?You’d be surprised at the convos you can have with hs students (not saying all or even most, but there are actually quite a few) and 2) The whole way you describe the situation (which i noticed you did kind of suggest that you weren’t interested) does not sound like something that you should be in. Now i dont know how old you are, but the fact that you were even having thoughts that he was too young for you to me says that he is. I agree that while compliments and acknowledgements from almost anywhere are nice, once someone is single for a while you start to give a little more attention to those who pay it to you. It’s normal and for this whole situation let’s remember that nothing happened. And I think that you should keep it that way.

    Not judging, but simply stating my opinion in a way trying not to offend but more than that gets my point across.

  2. The man^ I’m in agreeance I was a little thrown off by this..I’m 19 and I was just having a convo with my friend at work telling her that these lil fast ass boys are a trip I might glance over see ur young & keep it moving. I like my wolves older then me anyways allways have more established 25+ ova here bro.

  3. These New York City young boys are fresh. They are on Jack’d always trying to act grown!!! I only seem to get hit on by lil kids there days

  4. UGH. I’m gonna keep it all the way real as usual, and it’s all love. I’m slightly uncomfortable with this post and the comments on it, and no I am not overreacting at all. Where are the brains in this post? I sure don’t see any. Myolox talkin bout wait til his mom leaves and shit. If he’s grown, you shouldn’t have to wait til his mom leaves, which is an issue. If his mother turned his head Jamari, he is not above age. When a boy turns 18 he is a man, his mother knows not to violate his personal space in such a manner. If it were me in this situation and I thought he was under age, I never would have looked his way again. Shit, I’m 21, and I don’t want anyone under 19. If he was a kid, and you were eye fucking him, that is inappropriate. It is what it is. Kids are fast, and it doesn’t take much to fall into a trap.

    Oh and before anyone tries to check me. Yea, I have said on this blog a few times that when I was 17 I talked a guy in his late twenties, but the situation wasn’t inappropriate at all. We were just two bi guys who stumbled across each other one day. I flirted with him the day we met, but when he asked my age, I was honest about it and he appreciated my maturity. We didn’t touch, exchange pics or none of that til I hit legal age. I’m not gonna lie, my fast ass did want to beat those cakes, and he was an older Fox to…. However, in situations like this, it is the older man’s responsibility to take control of the situation and keep it on a friendship basis only, which was exactly what he did. We both knew better, and knew what could happen if we were intimate before I was legal.

    1. First off “The Man” you have no idea if the individual is comfortable having his preference displayed to his mom and a clear sign since he did it when she averted her head. Try that with a DL guy in company of friends and watch that shit turn into a beat down like L.A Complex Kaldrick and Tariq. And I don’t know about you but its ok to look at a fine fox, clearly Jamari states ” I love my wolves 21 and up”. And last, my shit is real partna!

      1. Don’t try and clean it up now bro. If he was of age, an appropriate conversation can still be had even if his mom was there. What happened to a simple “Wassup” or complimenting someone on their outfit? People do that everyday in front of others because it’s appropriate, and conversations in that nature will not get your beat down. It is not ok to look at a fine Fox or Wolf if they are not of age. So you are saying that it is ok to stare at kids because they look good? I suggest you pump your brakes because this looks bad and I’m beyond pissed and I’m still uncomfortable.

    2. The Man just keeps it too real on here….. I be lurking for his comments sometimes as the words of wisdom for some of these post. I be feeling you and have idea of what you may look like in my imagination..lol

      1. Been keeping it real since day one. I’m no ass kisser, and I’m going to tell people when they are right or wrong, and ride for them at the same damn time. That is just how I am, and not everyone can handle that as you can see. Any other time, Jamari would have ignored that kid and talked about how he needed to carry his ass to school and read a book. Sure the kid licked his lips cause Jamari kept entertaining it by looking at him. Jamari has changed from who he was when I first starting coming here. I’m sorry but it’s true. When we all talked about him dating Star Fox’s dirty dog ex-boyfriend, I saw a difference then and I expressed that. Sometimes when people are single for a while, they lose a sense of who they are and sometimes they accept flirtation or signs of an attraction from anyone. I wouldn’t have entertained that, and as the older man and an adult, you have to handle it maturely and carefully. I would have turned my back to the kid and sent a clear message. Letting kids get too close can end badly and the slope is slippery. Kids that age get a thrill out of the possibility of sex with an adult, and they allow anything to happen. If that 28 year old four years ago would have let me smash, I would have done it because legally I had nothing to lose and it would have made me feel good. I’m not going to lie to you guys.

        I’m just disgusted and disappointed in pretty much everyone who commented. I would have emailed these feelings to Jamari and he knows this, but with everyone else saying the same shit and condoning it, I had no choice but to say what I had to in front of everyone. I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I will be the only one with the balls to speak on it, which is nothing new. I miss how this site used to be, there was more logic and less kissing up to save face. The dynamic around here has changed. Everyone is suicidal, depressed, miserable and I feel like I am the only one with sense and confidence around here now. I miss how it used to be with Vain, Random, YngBlkWolf, BBB, omg007, and Jay, and a few others. Some of y’all still drop in, but it’s not how it used to be. There were no trolls, less ass kissing, and more realness and logic. The rawness is gone is basically what I’m saying.

        If anyone doesn’t like what I have said and wants to speak, you better think long and hard before you say anything because I’m in rare-form with this topic. You don’t want to debate with me on something like this, and it is pretty much non-debatable to begin with. I’m not calling anyone a pedo, I’m just saying that shit is not right.

      2. ” The Man” again you seem to gain too much steam and missing the point. We don’t personally know his age and as discreetly by complimenting someone attribute is an icebreaker for conversation Mr. The beat down is in reference to giving gay innuendos. You are off your rocker, and you need your prescribed daily dose of green tea.

  5. Just because he looks young doesn’t mean he is not of age. I myself am 32 but when people see me they thought I was 22. Jamari if I were you I would try to do some investigative work and interrogate this fine specimen credentials. However, I think you should wait till Ma departs. Try to catch that same train and if you see him just compliment his clothes to spark things up by any means..

      1. What? When in doubt, choose the path that leads AWAY from prison! Run away. Don’t walk. They call it jailbait for a reason.

  6. One last thought: Sometimes these young fellas need an older man to guide them and help them–as mentors–not as sex partners. You might consider taking a young one under your wings (but not in your bed) and help a brother out. They have, for example, relatively high rates of HIV infection.

    1. ^ya know,
      that’s a good idea dean.
      i seem it be doing that with this site as well.
      i wouldn’t have gotten with that cub tho.
      I don’t want him to meet the wrong fox and be an example.

      how would I even speak to him anyway?
      these kiddies are too excited to get some ass/pipe.

  7. Good for you. He may have been of age. If you want to deal with a guy that is near the age of consent (Wikipedia has a nice and I hope accurate write up on the ages of consent in various states and jurisdictions.), I suggest that you ask to first look at a picture ID or even two. As you may know, statutory rape is a strict liability crime, which means that a girl or guy can look 42 and tell you that he’s/she’s 42 and even have ID that says that he’s/she’s 42, but if you “bite”, then you go to jail.

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