Keith Carlos and His Big Little Friend Are Models Now

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.52.10 PMeveryone meet keith carlos and his lovely “friend”.
suddenly i was in the mood for kielbasa.
his friend looks like he would good company on a friday night tho.
don’t you agree?
anyway keith is a straight former baller wolf who played for a few teams.
new yawk giants being one of them.
well now he is in the running to be america’s next top model








tumblr_nbpd1fVJfl1qki2c1o1_500…well isn’t that a coinky dink?
i’m feeling a little…


he does seems kind of full of himself.
aren’t they all?
i lowkey love those types tho.
especially when i have them wrapped around my little finger.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Keith Carlos and His Big Little Friend Are Models Now”

  1. I actually know Keith, personally. He’s very driven and ambitious, very very confident, but heck, wouldn’t you be? Oh and Very straight (for those that implied), a bit of a playboy, tho. I wouldn’t suggest any of the ladies fall for his smooth talk, but as a person, I think he’s a sweetheart. He deserves his success.

  2. Smh I can’t help but judge men when they say they have aspirations to be a model.

    You don’t want to be the male version of Anna Wintour, create a male clothing line, or a be a stylist….you JUST want to model.

    Good luck with that because as soon as your body fat percentage goes over 6% or your look is last season they’ll put you out to pasture. For every Tyson Beckford there’s thousands that didn’t make it.

    Then what’s with these guys that are more enthralled in women’s clothes and shoes than men? We need more men in fashion interested in men’s wear that are not European!

  3. I only watch ANTM for Denzel and Keith. Lol Did you catch Tyra talking about his “problem” and how they have to strap him down for some shoots

      1. I know some Jamaican guys and some of them are quite nice ‘n’ sweet. But from a personal experience don’t mention about the size because some of them hate hearing that.

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