Maia Campbell Is So Far Gone In The Valley Now

this is so sad.
i legit cried for this vixen.
so i thought maia campbell was getting her life together.

maia is back on that stuff again.
real heavy.
some jackals in atlanta thought this was the best way to update us…
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The Ex Baller Wolf Who Likes It Fast and Rowdy

magic9one thing i never want,
and this may sound shallow,
but i never want to fall off.
this is why i keep my entire situation moisturized.
never say never tho.
 i’m sure at some point of retired nba baller wolf,
steve francis,
he probably said the same thing.
steve has been in an alleged battle with drugs over the years.
he has gone through many transformations as well.
well steve was arrested in houston over the weekend.
check out why via tmz
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This Is A Really Cool Mom! (Parties and DTF)


my mom was strict.
my mom wasn’t like the following mom.
she had her daughters friend’s playing nekked twister at her birthday pary.
did i mention the cub was 16?
oh yeah.
this is the story sent in by a foxholer via the new york daily news
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Nelly Scores Another Hit

Nelly-sexy-shirtless-Instagram-9so the last hit nelly had was in 2012.
oh wait…
we aren’t talking about music this time.
i think the last was time was “grillz”?
or was it “hot n hurr”?
i don’t even remember.
i think i paid attention to him musically when he debuted his jail bawdy.

nelly-stepped-on-my-j-s-oanyway we are talking about him getting busted with drugs and weapons last night.
being the drug of choice.
us weekly has more on this fiasco…

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Out of Line

color_outsidei always knew some people did it,
but i never saw it happen up close.
i’ve had friends who sat next to celebrities doing it as well.
no shame in the world.
some even offered.
sometimes people need to do it to start the night.
others do it to start the day.
ive personally never tried it.
but “never say never”.
i always wonder how hard it was to keep the habit an stay in line?
by line,
i mean focus on not getting it out on control for something harder
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (24)

there was a long time ago,
when i was clearly an idiot,
i wanted to try coke.
they should have shown me this video right after i said that shit…

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