Maia Campbell Is So Far Gone In The Valley Now

this is so sad.
i legit cried for this vixen.
so i thought maia campbell was getting her life together.

maia is back on that stuff again.
real heavy.
some jackals in atlanta thought this was the best way to update us…

poor thing is missing a tooth.
well here’s the thing…
they gave her tv shows and access to help.
maia don’t wanna be saved.
you can only help someone but so much.
she has to want to accept it for her own,
and sadly,
i think she is happy being what/where she is.
she is comfortable being a drug addict.
not only that,
she suffers from a mental illness and probably self medicates.
she is okay living in the dark side of the valley.
those around her can’t do anything more than what i’m sure they did.
they can’t lock her in a dungeon and she is too old to be “sent away”.
that sounds heartless,
but i’ve learned this is just the way life is.
we can’t save everyone.
i feel for her cub in all this.
i’ll send my prayers for her and maia.

lowkey: a throwback of maia (starts @2:00)…

i’m reading her twitter timeline and she was updating regularly:


how did this happen so fast?????

10 thoughts on “Maia Campbell Is So Far Gone In The Valley Now

  1. There are some who are saying those videos are old. Either way, I am hoping she finds her way back, this is unacceptable. As an addictions counselor, I can tell anyone first hand, it is not easy. It is a process that does take time, and it appears to be that way for Maia. If she is using Heroin, the situation is worse than anyone thought. LL Cool J has attempted to reach out to her, but it is unknown whether they have talked or not.

  2. first off that one lone dread bothered the absolute fuck out of me like either go full on or remove it make the choice. I also want to say he’s a fuckdude and probably supplying her selling drugs but wants to shame a person for doing the drugs. He looks dirty and his actions are dirty I hope he is one of those forever doing nothing type of rappers because tbh he deserves it.

    Another point I feel so bad for her but she’s not had anybody that could watch over her and I’m very sure all it takes is one day of saying oh I’ll miss the pill once and then you careen off into the deep end.

  3. So sad, Maia used to be so gorgeous. She was the girl that could be wearing sweats, have a tshirt on hair pulled in a messy bun, and still be drop dead gorgeous. I was rooting for her to stay on track, although I did know she was still struggling months back from blog sites of people in Atlanta talking about her. I just didn’t think she was this bad off. I hope she gets it together before it’s too late.

  4. She was right up there with Tatiana Ali and both second to Nia Long when it came to my before-I-knew-I-was-truly-gay-yet boy crushes…such a damn shame and waste…I’ma still hold out hope for a redemptive snap back!

  5. That was hard to watch, smh

    P.S. What the hell was up with the dude recording? Under chin tat and one green dread

  6. I’m so disappointed she use to be so fine to me I remember in life after she said that her mother use to help her with her bi polar disorder but she die from cancer and she just start spinning out of control. and I thought she was getting her life together she was a reality show but I guess not

    1. ^i am saddened at the whole thing.
      i thought she was getting her life together,
      doing well,
      and on her new start.
      who knew this would be my update.
      the asshole who recorded her is a wannabe rapper.
      i hope his career stalls for being so heartless.

      i’m sending prayers her way.

      1. right!! i said the same thing who is this fucking bum i’m looking him up IG now he is a wanna be rapper and he’s tell people say no to drug but smoking and drinking lean

      2. That was foul of him. Hoodrats don’t know any better than to try and exploit a person’s situation. If the tables were turned, I’m sure he would be pissed. But you know karma comes around. So him clowning/making light of her situation, he will get clowned with a situation of his own.

        It’s sad that she turned back to the lifestyle that messed her up. I’m wondering if it was not taking the bipolar meds or messing with some other drugs that took her back down this route. She talking about Bill Cosby raped her too.

        Mental illness is real.

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