The Ex Baller Wolf Who Likes It Fast and Rowdy

magic9one thing i never want,
and this may sound shallow,
but i never want to fall off.
this is why i keep my entire situation moisturized.
never say never tho.
 i’m sure at some point of retired nba baller wolf,
steve francis,
he probably said the same thing.
steve has been in an alleged battle with drugs over the years.
he has gone through many transformations as well.
well steve was arrested in houston over the weekend.
check out why via tmz


Ex-NBA superstar Steve Francis was arrested for drunk driving in Houston over the weekend … and cops say he was a pain in the ass during the bust and vowed revenge on the arresting officers

The former Houston Rockets star was initially pulled over in a black 2017 Chevy Tahoe on Saturday for doing 88 in a 65 around 11:20 PM — but during the stop, cops noticed he reeked of booze

We’re told Francis was “verbally abusive” to the officer. 

Cops say the 39-year-old refused a field sobriety test — and more cops were called to the scene because Francis was uncooperative

Our law enforcement sources tell us Francis made comments essentially warning the officers that he would get revenge for the arrest.

During the incident, cops also found weed.

Francis was eventually taken into custody and charged with DWI, possession of marijuana and retaliation.

he is 39?


maybe it’s the bags under his eyes that is aging him?
i’m trying to be positive.
steve ain’t broke according to tmz,
he was wearing a million dollar chain.
he allegedly made 100 million when he played in the nba.
he also had 21.92 grams of weed on him when he was arrested.
how high was he trying to get???
the crazy part of this story is he is also wanted by the police in florida.
the crime,
you ponder?

well tmz also reports:

The bizarre saga of Steve Francis has taken another crazy twist — turns out, there’s a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly BURGLARIZING a BMW outside of a clam restaurant in Florida

Here’s the deal … officials in Florida caught wind of the fact Francis was arrested in Houston for DWI over the weekend and are now trying to extradite him for an alleged burglary that went down in June

We obtained the police report from that incident which says the ex-NBA star cased a 2003 BMW parked outside of the Cortez Clam Factory on the evening of June 15th.

Francis allegedly asked the bartender at the restaurant to give him a flashlight — and then he went to the car and ransacked it … taking the following items: 

— makeup pouch, wallet, gold wedding ring, gold diamond band, earrings, press credentials and $100 in cash.

Total amount — $7,252 in goods and cash. 

Two days later, cops say Francis went to the police department with a clear plastic bag of goods and said, “I just robbed somebody, take me to jail. I’m turning myself in.”

Despite what appeared to be a confession, Francis left the police station without being charged with a crime


steve got way too much going on.
he needs to find a seat and get his life in order.
he isn’t a legend on the court,
but he was a star.
where are his parents?
someone needs to pull him together and fast.
i wish him the best.

lowkey: i saw his huge mansion on joe anderson’s snap over the weekend too.

articles taken: tmz | 2

14 thoughts on “The Ex Baller Wolf Who Likes It Fast and Rowdy

  1. He’s been looking like that in clubs and people just act like there’s no problem. Too many yes men around him spending his money telling him what he wants to hear.

    1. Exactly!!! Steve has been acting like this for a while now, it is nothing new. It’s time for someone to pull him aside for an intervention because it is not getting any better for him. The man needs help.

  2. IDK something don’t sound right with the Florida story. Who leaves their wallet, gold wedding ring, gold diamond band, earrings, press credentials and $100 in cash worth over $7, 250 in their car? The chain of events just don’t add up for me. But if so I do wish him well, money does not always bring happiness..I do wish him well.

  3. Damn Steve, Bro what is really going on? Cocaine is one Hell of a Drug! I raise my hand as well, I use to think he was hot back in the day, but now he looks like he is old enough to be my Daddy. Steve its time to check into Rehab ASAP. Cuttino Mobley come get ya Boy!

  4. So sad, what drugs can do to you. He use to be a decent looking guy, and I’m with you Jamari 39. That picture he looks he is in his 60s who had had a hard life. Hopefully, he gets the help he needs and fast.

      1. That and drinking will age you beyond your years! I’ve seen people that are younger than me who look older than me, based on a lifestyle of drinking and drugs.
        So glad I don’t fuck with either!

  5. This is sad. I used have a small crush on him back in the day. Don’t judge me. I thought he was sexy, but in a “regular dude” kinda way lol

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