tumblr_ogj21ylkra1qcrgoro1_500have mercy…
on my horny soul…

he isn’t the one a vixen brings home to mom.
he is the one she calls to twist her spine out of alignment.
just imagine…
what he would be to a fox who hasn’t had it in a while.

lowkey: i always imagine meeting a wolf like that on the block.
after many tests,
we have “11pm to 3am” entertainment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “BODEGA MEAT: (736)”

  1. His name is Ronnie. IG: ronnie_mcmxxvi. He’s sexy as fuck and British(that accent!). So you make wanna get your passport and travel plans together lo.

  2. *turns on Destiny’s Child cater to you as i start cooking a home cooked meal for this sexy KING…he’s my type i have it bad for a chocolate brotha with muscles and tatts…Lord knows thats my problem now lol

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