tumblr_ogj21ylkra1qcrgoro1_500have mercy…
on my horny soul…

he isn’t the one a vixen brings home to mom.
he is the one she calls to twist her spine out of alignment.
just imagine…
what he would be to a fox who hasn’t had it in a while.

lowkey: i always imagine meeting a wolf like that on the block.
after many tests,
we have “11pm to 3am” entertainment.


FLYGUYTi posted about this bodega meat before.
he was the first one i actually assigned ( x “bodega meat” ).
every time i see this instagram attentionisto im always left asking,
“what that tongue do?”.
well he has found different ways to be creative while showing off that tongue of his…
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FLYGUYMEATin new yawk,
in every hood,
you will find a bodega on every block.
whatever you need is pretty much inside one.
 cat food.
cheap likka.
it’s basically a poor man’s 7/11 usually ran by spanish or arabs.
so when need some cheap toilet paper,
you know the 0 ply that will probably scratch up ya bootyhole,
that’s where you go.
one thing the bodega’s specializes in is meat.
lemme get a sausage, egg, and cheese on a roll.
black peppa.
no salt.”
it usually looks good,
tastes good,
but you know its bad for you.
you eat it anyway because it’s available and hits the spot.
just like the wolves i’m gonna feature in bodega meat.
don’t ack bougie like a hood wolf never dun’ to’ your ass up.
so everyone meet the flyguytatted
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