tumblr_n7gw1hfOhH1rj71puo1_500well i wasn’t really in the mood for sausage this morning,
but hey!
why not?!
from the looks of it,
the sausage looks pretty…

lowkey: who is this?
i predict a pre baller of some sort doing “bodega corner negro” pretty well.
don’t judge me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “BODEGA MEAT | (599)”

  1. All this talk about bodegas is making missed it, especially the one from down the street, but oh I hated the cheap wannabe oreo cookies that came in different flavors, but now I miss it!!!!

      1. Hmmm I hope so. I never realize how much I would miss NY, especially the BX. Like damn. I am grateful that Maine provided with a good education(that pretty much it).

  2. Speaking about Bodega. Chile, I am kinda sad right now because I had to break up with my pretend boyfriend, Rafael, u know who you once called fat or chubby. Some DL Dominican wolves that I know of told me that he’s a bottom, un pasivo? Si! Then another friend who is an assistant for a certain photographer confirms it. Ugh oh man, I have to tell somebody cause I am so, so, so disappointed. But you were right about how all these bottoms are muscling up and hard to tell.

    1. They are fooling a lot of us now a days. You gotta decode them now if they say “looking for muscle and masculine dudes only” it’s best to assume he wants and gets his back blew out.

      1. You could say that again. I was surprised to find out that Rafael Leonidas is a bottom, but then again he does show off his ass a lot in the fotos cause he does those side booty shots. Right there screams bottom, bottom, bottom. I never going to look at him the same.

      2. My dreams of sleeping with him is tarnish, then again I had slept with other bottoms so maybe there still a chance.

  3. Well damn, aint that nice, not a fan of the tats on such a beautiful brown body, but that nose, man I love a dude with a wide nose, and those abs, and of course the obvious lol, man this dude is close to perfection.

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