The Tale of The Dead Beat Wolf I Crushed On

Crushes can die.

That was my thought running through my head talking to my Vixen friend yesterday.
I was sitting on my couch, listening to her tell me about her no good Wolf of a man.

…the same man who I wanted to take down and conquer.
I guess all good packages can be prepackaged shit.

Here is how we all met….
Well, not me and she but me and he.
Actually me and she met the same night that me and he did.
She was trying to hit on me all night (but that is another story).
HE came in while I was learning how to play spades one summer’s night in 2007.
All those years of being black and I didn’t know how to play spades.
I wasn’t prepared for people to be cursing me out either.
This was all going on at a shindig my Wolf buddy was having that was mostly work colleagues of his.
Anyway, he walked in and my mouth dropped.
He was a tall light-skinned sexy mofo with small twist dreads.
He had a nice solid build and wore these nice black framed glasses that highlighted his eyes.
… and then he asked if he could play with us.
He ended up being my partner.
I got my shit together so fuckin’ fast and figured out how to play.
We played and did a ton of eye contact.
He was very down to earth and that intrigued me.
After a certain hour, all these fine ass dudes started coming in but my eyes were fixed on him.
(Well him and this dark-skinned Wolf with a fat ass)

As the days and weeks went on, I asked more and more about him from a mutual Wolf.
I found out he was single with no kids, straight, and kept a low profile.
He didn’t have a good dick report on him either.

The Wolf was giving me sketchy details because he was interested in me and was jealous.
(no mutual feelings on my part AT. ALL.)

As the months went on, I found out that my Vixen friend was getting the pipe from him on the low.
They would fuck almost every night and she was head over heels in love.
She ended up getting knocked up and they moved in together in 08.
I never saw him again after that shindig, but I took it as a sign to move on.

Well, the same Vixen friend called me today and we were catching up.
They broke up, he turned out to be a dead beat dad, and is putting her through pure HELL.
He is a bitter jealous asshole who basically has her homeless and living out a car with their child.
Straight up and down Baby Daddy drama.

Makes me GLAD I cannot have children by a fuck fest turned mistake.

This is NOT the dude I thought he was when he strolled in the basement party that summer night.
This nigga is a nightmare come to life.
One I am wondering if he turned out to be D/L or Discreet, would the party be different?

Is the fantasy better than the reality?
Would the situation be different with a Fox rather than a Vixen?
We see these Wolves daily and we want and admire what the Vixens have,
but is it worth it?
When we look at Vixens, baby daddies, and extra drama with Wolves….

Would the situation be different if he was fuckin’ with you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Tale of The Dead Beat Wolf I Crushed On”

  1. i totaly agree with jay. by me going to a HBCU i saw drop dead georgious wolves on the daily but they were just eye candy. and thats all candy is its sweet for the moment but you gota be in the gym burning it off the next day

    1. sometimes,
      good looking wolves are just “bodies that need to be fucked”.
      i have been around a couple who i just wanted to turn into a jump off…

      …and that was it.
      others i’m sure were fantasy.
      shit i hope DADDY isn’t a fantasy.
      then again, i’d make sure i break him in half and have him coming back for more. LOL

      1. true but we all had a sickining wolf who we thought was gona have tha cakes in a cast. and what happens pump pump skeet sleep. like i said give me a ok wolf with a job and i can make it do what it do lol

  2. Hell yeah it would be different! He won’t be strapped to me because of some child. She more than likely allowed him to run wild and do w/e just so her and her kid can “have a father in their life” and didn’t give him the impression that she could leave him at any moment and be fine. That’s where she fucked up. Men only go as far as you allow them. Plus, she was givin’ him sex before they even made it official. So that right there was an indication of what his potential impression of her was going to be (i.e.: Dumb Broad).

    Of course everything that glitter isn’t gold. Fine men are sometimes only meant to be looked at and maybe slept with on the side but that has more to do with the type of person he is. U can still be ugly and an asshole and do everything that guy did to that poor, poor vixen.

    1. vain.
      you hit the nail on the head.
      when she told me she was pregnant with this child,
      something inside me told me it wasn’t a good idea.
      even tho he was “perfect”…. i didn’t feel “it”.
      glad i listened.

      she got caught up in the “idea”.
      her whole world has come crashing down.
      i feel for her.

      i have crushed on wolves before and it was because something inside told me they got down.
      in fear of being wrong, i dismissed it…
      … only to have been right later on.

  3. The fantasy is ALWAYS, ALWAYS better than the reality.

    I believe sometimes when you see a achingly attractive guy, sometimes it’s better to scan, get a good mental picture for later, give him a lustful look and keep it moving. You’re not meant to be involved with everyone you happen to be intensely attracted to, that’s usually a good way to bring the devil personified into your life.

    1. You need to get out of my head or start paying rent…lol

      I kinda wanna have a drink w/Jay & go Fox-hunting 🙂

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