a death in (mi) family

i woke up this morning and saw 7 missed calls on my phone.
they were all around 6 am.
it was from mi’s aunt.
i felt a fear come over me.

“Is this it?
Is this the call?”

mi has been on my mind lately.
when i called,
all i heard was her aunt screaming.
this is when i started to pace around my apartment.
i pace around my apartment when i’m worried.
i’ll walk around my kitchen to the living room in a complete circle.

“_______ died!
She died!””

i couldn’t understand the name,
but once she got it out

Mi’s cousin,
her daughter,
was killed.

mi’s and her cousin were very close.
that cousin didn’t want to give up on her.
mi burned a lot of bridges within the family,
but she was the only one who wanted better for her.
the cousin had really gotten mi’s life together tbh.
she was taking mi on trips to show her the world and meet other family members.

i spoke to mi for the first time today.
it’s crazy how i was avoiding calling her because i wasn’t really but today was the day.
it was very brief.
i’m still processing the news,
but i’m praying for her mother to find comfort.
i’m thankful that her cousin helped mi in her time here.
rest peacefully.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “a death in (mi) family”

  1. I’m sorry for the loss, Jamari

    So, Mi’s cousin passed or the daughter of Mi’s cousin passed? I ask because you speak in past tense that she helped Mi the best she could.

    Who will look out for Mi now? I pray for healing, appreciation of life, cherishing ones still here, clarity and STRENGTH for Mi and Mi’s cousin’s family.

  2. I really hope Mi has other people to step in /to provide emotional support as she mourns the loss of her cousin.I think you said she was doing better but grief is hard even more so for a person already dealing with mental health issues.
    Prayers and condolences to your you and your family, especially you aunt.


  3. Sending you and your family my deepest sympathies and prayers, Jamari Fox. I’m so sorry to hear about you losing your beloved Mi, but always carry your best memories of her in your heart, and she’ll always be with you.

    1. I reread what you’d written and now I see it was Mi’s cousin. My bad. Even still, I send my sympathies, and I hope Mi and your Aunt also have others who will lift them up.

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