I “Boo Boop Be Doo Bop” On His “Bap De Bap Bap”

rs_634x1024-160218102322-634-orlando-brown-mugshot-kf-21816orlando brown is off.
this is why you can’t always give the corny pineapple some tail.
look at this
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Ya’ll Want Raven Symone Off “The View” That Bad?

raven-symonethat is her “you ain’t getting rid of me yet suckas” pose.
okay can i be 100 and say i laughed at this story?
that is how many of ya’ll signed a petition to get raven symone off “the view”.
( x see petition on change.org here)
oh my god.
did they have to use that picture of her on the site?
i’m laughing again.
okay sorry.
so guess what?
the view ain’t getting rid of her.
a rep for abc gave a simple statement which read…
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Ann Coulter Shut Raven Symone Completely Down

viewthis is what happens when you do/say dumb shit.
when someone comes with that verbal stun gun,
it will leave your ass in complete shock.
see ^that face up there?
that’s the face of someone who didn’t see “it” coming.
ann coulter shut down raven symone on “the view”.
ann coulter of all people.
this is what happened via mediate
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Do We Forgive Raven Symone?

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.01.58 PMi guess that dragging to the pits of hell really humbled her.
raven symone really felt all those insults.
i bet her phone/computer/tablet/carrier pigeon are mia.
well before she threw her electronic devices in the hudson,
she wrote an apology on her facebook yesterday.
it went a little something like this
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(Oops) Raven Symone Did It Again (and Again) (Oh, and Again)

CRAgTdCUYAAYS-Qsomething has happened to olivia.
she started out as a cute cub on “the cosby show”,
continued on to do my fav rerun binge on “thats so raven”,
and has officially turned into some sort of bird on “the view”.
raven symone is on 1000.

she has been all kind of dumb “not for the blacks” shit as of late.
so you know she said this
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Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone Come To Rachel Dolezal’s Rescue

whiteisnewblacki guess no one learned from keri hilson:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.26 PMoh keri.
why does she do this?
this “talking” thing?
well she had to defend herself,
but it was too late:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.42.51 PMher mentions are already mass destruction.
so its the ladies from the view’s turn?
the only two of color,
might i add?
well i knew raven would put on a cape.
my hopes for her tend to be low.
  whoopi tho?
oh whoopi.
well they both said the following about rachel dolezal on hot topics this morning…
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