Ya’ll Want Raven Symone Off “The View” That Bad?

raven-symonethat is her “you ain’t getting rid of me yet suckas” pose.
okay can i be 100 and say i laughed at this story?
that is how many of ya’ll signed a petition to get raven symone off “the view”.
( x see petition on change.org here)
oh my god.
did they have to use that picture of her on the site?
i’m laughing again.
okay sorry.
so guess what?
the view ain’t getting rid of her.
a rep for abc gave a simple statement which read…

“We love Raven. She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

short and to the point.
i know raven was doing this tho:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13003-1355160432-4well look…
why would they get rid of their ratings cow?
she is “the villian”.
every production needs a “bad guy”.
she chose to play that role.
wasn’t elisabeth hasslebeck their last one?
raven is giving that show more viewership than they’ve had in a while.
now if ratings dived because of her attentionista ways…
she would be at the curb on her ass.
good or bad,
the forests are talking.
i wouldn’t be surprised if this was all an act tho.
they told her “play it up” because it will cause controversy.
don’t ever put anything past the power of public relations.

lowkey: honestly i’m enjoying her foolishness.
in my line of work,
i always need a moron to write/talk about.
she happens to play that role nicely.

statement taken: us weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ya’ll Want Raven Symone Off “The View” That Bad?”

  1. But i bet there won’t be as much signatures to get these foolish reality tv shows off the air.


    I. seriously. can’t!

  2. Of course they’re not going to kick her out, especially now with the petition because the network and the show only see cash signs. Like they said any rating is good rating

  3. It’s all about politics, if she was going against white media she would defintely not be in that chair. Her and Stacey Dash have really disappointed me, I use to like both of them growing up.

  4. Ray Ray is good for ratings and keepin them in the news. They knew this when they hired her and fired Nicole Wallace in a political season…? Don’t worry the View is on its last legs. Whoopi is dying to leave. When she contract is over– so will be The View. The Talk actually has pulled ahead of them in large markets.

  5. She will always be a dopey puppeteer cockatoo bird to me.To think her show was my favorite Disney show growing up as a kid in the mid 2000s. Money does the worst to people.

  6. I love Raven!!! It;s her opinion about what ever topic they may be talking about. She’s young and she may say something a little crazy and dumb. We need someone like her on the panel for the view. People need to get a life.

  7. Why can’t people just ignore her? What Raven and the show want most is attention…just don’t give them any.

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