(Oops) Raven Symone Did It Again (and Again) (Oh, and Again)

CRAgTdCUYAAYS-Qsomething has happened to olivia.
she started out as a cute cub on “the cosby show”,
continued on to do my fav rerun binge on “thats so raven”,
and has officially turned into some sort of bird on “the view”.
raven symone is on 1000.

she has been all kind of dumb “not for the blacks” shit as of late.
so you know she said this


how ignorant is she?

serious question tho.
let me as this…

How many foxholers judge someone,
you haven’t even seen the person,
but you already assume they’re gonna be “ghetto” off their name?

most of us have done it.
if i hear someone is named “coocoo’laquisha” coming to temp/intern,
i’ve already assumed they gonna be a little “hood”.
to not hire someone over their name tho?
doing wayyyyyyyyy too much.
i moreso look for skills rather than a name.
that “name” could have their masters and jesus bloodline.
people can’t help their parents.
just because someone’s name is “molly”,
or “sally jo”,
doesn’t mean they good worker.
well two of raven’s closest are not for her life at this moment.
her father,
christopher b. pearlman,
and her alleged girlfriend,
azmarie livingston.
her father put this statement on his facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.04.19 AMtumblr_inline_nvcchfZoSM1t01saf_500this was “L” one.
this is what azmarie had to say on her twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.05.52 AM…and “L” two.
its look real bleak out here for raven.
the shit storm has arrived.
alas she has to keep it up for all the new blacks.
i just hope she realizes once “the view” ends,
her career is a wash as well.
she won’t be missed.

 Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.10.49 AMwell she could go over to fox news.
they love a heavy coon over there.

lowkey: what does jussie smollett have to say about this?
he rocks with her heavy.
he is also very pro-black.

screen shots taken: facebook | twitter

24 thoughts on “(Oops) Raven Symone Did It Again (and Again) (Oh, and Again)

  1. I’m so sick of this bitch period. Like can we trade her for that white woman pretending to be black. Atkeast she appreciated being black. Raven just think she’s a demigod or something.

  2. As usual she can’t seem to express herself and not offend people. I get the idea of what She was saying but she took it too far. Smh but hey I guess getting paid to please white people is her job now.

  3. I really think Raven says these things because it keeps her employed. They producers of The View hired her because she’s willing to say anything controversial no matter how stupid it sounds.

    Shes supposed to be the wild card of the panel, I guess. Either way I really don’t think she believes the tripe that comes out of her mouth.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. To some extent, I find it hard to believe that she can say so many such stupids things.

  4. I don’t know if she is still dating AzMarie.Az hasn’t posted a pic of Raven in four months on her IG
    BTW I guess Raven wouldn’t hire Condoleezza Rice based on her name.
    I guess she is OK with discrimination based on race and sexual orientation too since she doesn’t believe in labels.

  5. But yet her gf is named AzMarie. I’m not hating on Az, but if Raven is criticizing names, maybe she should look at the people in her own life before she opens her mouth.
    LOL at the rooster reference. dkm!

      1. Tre Melvin is a youtube sketch artist who created the character Watermelondrea as a way to parody the general ratchetness of some females. It’s a fairly popular youtube series and more likely than not, that’s who Raven was referencing when she said the name.

        Watermelondrea has in essence become the safe target when you’re trying to reference ratchet girls I suppose, similar to Sharkeisha.

        He actually almost always has really insightful insight into the black community and every now and then would take a break from the character to speak on more serious issues that surpass the use of a bra and wig.

        Check out his stuff, he’s hilarious and honestly tries to throw some intellectual talks in as well. Much respect to him and what he does.

        Destiny’s child goes to therapy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUj1d0vdx88

        Ghetto Thanksgiving Dinner : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOaMsJOJ7AA

        The Blind Date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdItxbclsms

        Kermit Goes to Therapy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjVZbH9sFYg

        When he’s not funny he’s being really insightful. Sorry if anyone was confused as to who he was.

    1. yo, apollo…

      i’m glad you put me on game with that link…

      i did check out several of his videos right after i checked out the link…

      he is a very intelligent young man when you pull back the top layer…

      i enjoyed most of his stuff…

      thanks again…

  6. Its just funny to me that the bitch always takes the opposite position regarding black people. First she isnt African American. The bitch said she didnt like it because she doesnt like lables yet she is fine with being American which is still a lable. Then said she knows her heritage is from Louisiana. Well thats still not the place of origin. Also i grew up in New Orleans as well as St. Louis. The new orleans and south Louisiana culture is clearly African to me with some other mixes. So if knowing about Louisiana is important to her it will behoove her to know what makes that culture.

    Then I think she jumped on that bullshit bandwagon of alllivesmatter as if blacklivesmatter was saying only black people matter. I cant believe dumb bitches didn’t understand what that movement is about.

    Now she said this bullshit. So she thinks its ok to discriminate agains people. Oh no its only ok when blacks are the target. Well somebody should tell the bitch that you dont have to have an outlandish name, if it sounds black people will discriminate. Jamari you have an ethnic name, I have one as well that starts with a J. White people and people with that prejudice thinking would trip off your name and your name is not bad its just as easy to say it as Johnathan. Its not even that the names are outlandish its because they are associated with black people. I wonder if she thinks its ok to discriminate against people with them long Indian or Arab names. Also alot of Eastern European names are different, would it be ok to discriminate against them as well. Fuck dat dumb bitch.

    Also y are all these black people tap dancin in the media. Its disgusting.

    1. 👍👍 If we’re being real about this world, this is the truth. You can have just an ethnic name and your chances of being hired drops so much. It’s sad black parents have to worry about this when naming their child because of people like Raven.

      When she said the shit about being Black and not African American I looked pass it to save my childhood show. Never again, done with this trick.

  7. If we’re gonna base potential on name a child DID NOT choose, shouldn’t we base potential on how someone looks too?! Because in that picture of her up there, she looks hood herself. I’m sure no one would want her in the office with “ghetto red hair, hoop earrings & loud lipstick”.

    Shut up Raven. You’re ruining That’s So Raven (my childhood) for me.

  8. Raven along with Stacey Dash. I use to love Raven on The Cosby Show and had the biggest crush on Stacey Dash but now✌🏾.. I can’t deal with those women and will not support anything they do.

  9. This woman just makes me wonder. The past few years, I just have questioned her statements on certain topics. When I watched what she said the other day, it made me upset. Her own father and girlfriend will not even defend her, which shows just how out of touch she is. It’s crazy.

    Ben Carson is on the shit list too. I do not give a damn if he is Black, he will not get my vote. I do not like what he stands for either. He is just as bad as Donald Trump.

    1. ^raven probably had some bad experiences with black people.
      she seems to have a negative view of “us”.
      im surprised she even took that “empire” role and how stereotypical it was.

      baby mama

      it’s a shame how she turned out.

  10. Wow I have to admit Raven is one hell of an actress because I would never thought in a billion years she would be a deep-fried coon. I mean she got people thinking she was sweet, funny, down to earth by playing Olivia and on That So Raven. And even on That So Raven, she did an episode of being discriminated against when she was applying for a job, but the woman didn’t hired her because she’s black. So I am completely dumbfounded by the amount of coonery Raven is releasing.

    1. I have noticed many people referring to the episode about her being discriminated against on That’s So Raven, but you and everyone else has to understand that she was acting. Her opinions on The View are her true feelings.

      1. I don’t think you understand my point eternally. I mean I know she was acting hence why I said she is one hell of an actress because during the time between The Cosby and That’s So Raven and even when she quit the showbiz, she was still in character when she got interviews back then. She put this persona of a sweet and lovable girl even when she wasn’t doing any shows or movies, but now that she is on The View she is a completely different person. If you don’t get it, just move on

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