X Marks The F0x: His Worst Confession

Looks like a certain R&B star has a confession to make…

TMZ was approached several days ago by someone claiming to have the sex tape. The person sent us a short video and two photos. We’ll keep this PG-13 and just say … the people in the video are both givers.

The video and photos are clear — it’s Usher and Tameka.

Sources close to Usher — without specifically admitting the existence of a sex tape — tell us they believe this video could have been among the things Usher had stolen out of his car back in December 2009. Usher reported more than $1,000,000 worth of jewelry and electronics taken — including two laptop computers.

A rep for Usher had no comment. Attempts to contact a rep for Foster were unsuccessful.

… says TMZ.

I’m still stuck on both givers.
Does “Trading Places” have some truth to it?
We’ll soon find out.
Although I really don’t want to see Tameka in any form of naked.
Hell, I don’t even want to see her clothed.

Chris Brown drops his cak.
Usher doing some plastic pole dancing.
Up next.
Trey Songz starring in “Blowin’ Jamari’s Back Out”



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9 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: His Worst Confession”

  1. should have paid Tameka that money she was asking for …… then again should have had your people “sweep” the house on a regular for recording devices….. then again is this to off-set the tape his trainer has ??

  2. I’m gonna take a leap of faith & say they mean oral – that they both give oral sex, cuz I do NOT want to think about Tameka in a strap-on…let alone see it *shudder*

    And you keep talmbout Trey blowing ya back out when I definitely get the feeling he prefers his back blown…not to mention the potentially radioactive penis…lol

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