jill scott teaches us how to give head

*the following entry is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

even tho i heard jill scott is a real alleged monster bts,
she has also come off as a lowkey freak.
high key?
this will never not be my favorite song from her:

“This freaking was incredulent, decadent
Flip side, stomach meets sheets
He plows inside as if he’s making beats
As if this year’s harvest depended on it
Bendin’ on it…”

well jill decided to show us her freaky ways in a recent concert…

teach em jill!
 massage the under carriage while it’s still in your mouth.
a double dose of “send him completely mad”.
suck it from the back,
while playing with the under carriage and his g spot,
might turn him into a automatic lunatic.

i’m don’t know if jill is going through something,
or that is just part of her set,
but i’m ready for a new album.
heartbreak and divorce always leads to the best creativity.
the stories she is gonna tell <<<<
i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “jill scott teaches us how to give head”

  1. You know whats funny is that I actually have her greatest hits CD on my phone and I too was surprised at how freaky the songs were. I was at work all hot and bothered. I mean literally every song was about gettin piped down. I love Jilly from philly still though.

      1. Erykah is amazing and abstract. I’ve loved her since I was a kid. Her debut single on and on is sooo deep. She’s a really beautiful woman.

  2. Jill Scott is my girl but umm… I don’t know about that (*cough) video LOL. Maybe it’s The Craving creeping up, for doing you know what, which I love to do too as well. Man, who knows… Ms. Scott has always been a F-R-E-A-K though and it makes her more relatable and adds to the Poetry of her music. What I do know is that her The Real Thing album is one of my faves of all time! It’s Sensual, Deep and Smoother than Crown Royal (I wish that Gem was longer). All I, Come See Me, Only You every song is a Groove. By the way, I love/look forward to your music posts.

    1. ^thanks H!
      right now,
      i’m into this “controversy” album from prince real heavy.
      i’ve had it on repeat since yesterday.
      i like the lyrics of all the songs.

      1. J you know what’s up… Prince is the King. People weren’t ready for Controversy, it was ahead of it’s time. It blended New Wave, Soul, Punk and Pop so easily. Private Joy is that one. The title track is one of my songs in the playlist of my life. The lyrics are so on point. You should do a Life Playlist one day!

  3. Is it true she said she’s not to fond of gay men? I’ve always been a fan of her music. I did a report on Epiphany for music class and my teacher capped my ass for saying the lyrics were subtle and he circled some of the lyrics and said, “Oh really now? I don’t think this is subtle at all sir..”

    I was obsessed with this song my sophomore year.

    Her, Erykah Badu and Corrine Bailey Rae can do no wrong in my eyes.

  4. Tina Turner did this much better in the 1960s to ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’. Jill didn’t study hard enough.

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