jill scott didn’t expect a dragging for her sunday schedule but here we are

usually when chris brown is doing anything,
he is up to some shit or trying to be the victim about something.

it’s rarely ever about something productive.
as of late,
chris has been trending for his usual.


jill scott randomly decided to show love to him and it got her dragged…

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all the fuckbois are vying for jill scott attention (trey songz too?)

creative af,
but see what i mean?

jill scott got all these wolves going crazy.
her latest antics on stage rose all the hyenas.
( x see that entry here )
of course it would.
well tremaine aka trey songz rose to the occasion as well.
he decided to make a song called “jill” about jill scott.

a foxholer sent me for a taste of the song and well…
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jill scott teaches us how to give head

*the following entry is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

even tho i heard jill scott is a real alleged monster bts,
she has also come off as a lowkey freak.
high key?
this will never not be my favorite song from her:

“This freaking was incredulent, decadent
Flip side, stomach meets sheets
He plows inside as if he’s making beats
As if this year’s harvest depended on it
Bendin’ on it…”

well jill decided to show us her freaky ways in a recent concert…
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i know jill scott been going through it.
i know she just got a divorce and the ex-hubby had it out for her.
she ( x won a gag order ) against him because he was yappin’.
so i know she has been dealing with some things,
but this right here…

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Jill Scott Gonna Have A Bomb Album, I Bet

the look on her face…
when your relationships/friendships consistently go wrong,
you gotta sit down and really ask yourself

“Is it me?”

don’t get me wrong,
you could have very well picked some real assholes.
i wasn’t really surprised to hear jill scott got divorced from her hubby,
mike dobson,
after 1 year of marriage today.
for one,
he has 6 cubs and was allegedly unemployed.
the other side is what he had to say about jill.
he went in and well via bossip
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Listening To “Woman” To Get It Together

JTJGJTJGbWVkaWEuaWhlYXJ0LmNvbSUyRmNjLWNvbW1vbiUyRm1saWIlMkYyMTM1JTJGMjAxNSUyRjA3JTJGZGVmYXVsdCUyRndvbWFuXzBfMTQzNzY2MzM5OS5qcGc=diggin’ this new jill scott record,
the track “fool’s good” and “closure” are getting a lot of spins right now.
kudos jill!
i’m definitely a fan of this one so far.

lowkey: my favorite jill scott album is her debut.
nothing compares to that.