I Gave My Heart To A Gaddamn Fool…

it’s lyrics like that
i expect that in my r&b.
i’m so tired of “trendy and trap”.
the r&b music i want to hear came from someone white.
sam smith and this “the thrill of it all” record…

now sam’s last album stayed on rotation,
but it was way too sad.
i’ve attached the emotions of that record with my “2015/2016”.
it’s hard for me to listen to it now as i’m not “there” anymore.
when i heard he was releasing new music,
i been camped out in his last singles section on spotify.
one of my home vixens,
who knows what pain i dealt with,
hit me up about his first single:

so he kept releasing songs that were speaking to my soul.
well when i saw his new album was released,
i couldn’t have press “play” fast enough at work.
by the end of the record,
i didn’t really want to cry like the last one.
i wanted to congratulate myself for what the hurt did to me.
it was exactly “me” at this moment.
i’ve been fed from a male artistry perspective.
been listening to it since.

it’s a shame that “other” male artists are doing our music better.

check it out below foxhole.
this album might be for those who got their heart broken,
but are looking forward with the strength they never had.

lowkey: sam hit me with another lyric that slapped me in the face.
sam dun saiddddddddddd:

Why do I always fall for the ones who have no courage?
I must see some kind of beauty in their eyes

WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
i nearly threw the computer.

11 thoughts on “I Gave My Heart To A Gaddamn Fool…

  1. “Why do I always fall for the ones who have no courage?
    I must see some kind of beauty in their eyes”
    knocked me straight down to the floor sobbing. story of my life

  2. @Christian I don’t think it’s people are going gaga for ‘trap and trendy’ its just theirs a time and place for music and consumers largely young people like going out and having a good time.. you can’t turn up to neo soul and forget the pains of life listening to painful music! Bodak is fun and a fantasy escape!

    Sam is modern pop culture so is Adele.. they transcend all ages and races as they do POP music with references of soul, house, beats, R’n’B, move soundtracks and plus BRITISH. We are known for having balladYand successfully stars from UK.

    1. Not to be contrary but, the issue I have with your argument is that you say young people want to have a good time and they can’t really blast sad painful music, however that’s what people did to adele’s someone like and you and Sam smith’s stay with me. Amy wine house’ back to back. For decades there’s been an issue with souls music by black artists not being very profitable. Look at the supremes who changed their sound to be more “mainstream.” There is a documentary about soul background singers who found success singing back up for white artist in the 60s and 70s. I think this is one of the reasons why Janet jacksons album was so groundbreaking because she took a more soulful sound and made it mainstream.

  3. Nothing against Sam, but your question had me thinking. Is it that “other” male artists are making better music or is it that black soul singers don’t get the same attention the way a Sam smith does. We like the unexpected. People like Christina Aguilera, Amy whinehouse, Adele, and Sam smith go against our perception of how white people shouldsound. When we hear them we gas them up for sounding soulful. Black people are expected to sound soulful and therefore much harder to standout.

    1. ^you are on it mansur.
      good comment.
      i agree with you.

      “blue eyed soul” is it?
      i know leon bridges is highly underrated.
      maybe our two mainstream r&b singers,
      chris and tremaine,
      are trapped in the “trendy and trap” music bubble.
      we expect them to do what bruno and sam are doing,
      but it not be their style?

      1. You always seem to illicit such facinating discussions. I think chris and tremaine and others that are trying to be on top are chasing the trends. Once upon a time neo soul was the trend, but the popular music landscape has changed. There seems to be no profit in soul for black artists right now. The proof is in the career of neo soul artists the world has forgotten. Are people checking for musiq, balal, maxel, deangelo? They still make music and some of it is critically acclaimed, but they aren’t selling like Sam smith.

        1. ^thank ya!
          i love when we get into good debate on the foxhole,
          but i see your point mansur.
          i’m tired of “trendy and trap” tho.

          tremaine actually did a good album with his last one.
          the reality show thing kinda threw it off.
          chris and this 45 song album…
          not interested.

      2. @mansur…they’re not selling because people go gaga for artists like Migos, Cardi B, etc.
        This generation wouldn’t know good music if it hit them upside the head. The artists today sound alike beatwise and lyrically. I call it lazy music. LOL

        There’s no experimentation with music anymore. It’s safe…and boring as fuck. Trap Music…dead. Southern hip-hop style/flow…hopefully it’s on the way out. I listened to Wu-Tang’s CD the other day, and I was like yes, this is what hip hop sounds like. Old as hell, but they still doing it!

        As to your other statement, there have been soulful white singers over the years, many that have come before the ones you mentioned. Stevie Nicks, Michael McDonald, Steve Perry (Journey), Hall & Oates (particularly Darryl Hall) they all had soulful and powerful voices back in the 70s & 80s. George Michael & Lisa Stansfield as well. For those who don’t venture out of their comfort zones when it comes to music, they will be surprised to hear an artist of another persuasion sounding soulful. Lol

        Those who do listen to different genres of music, won’t be so surprised.

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