I Thought You Fucked With Me

you want to know if someone(s) gives a fuck about you?
the ones you might be calling a “friend”.
the ones who you think want to be “more than friends”.
i know for some of you,
your social media lives mean everything to you.
this is a tried and true test to see where you stand.
ready for it?…


don’t post anything
don’t like/comment under pictures
don’t respond to dms

take a social media break.
give it a month.
maybe a week or two.
if no one reaches out if you’re still alive,
you pretty much know they might not fuck with you all like that.
if folks do reach out,
don’t be corny and say “oh i was testing you”.
just respond you taking a little break and you’ll be back.
staying off social media for a while can be good for your mental.

that nonsense about:


i think that’s bullshit.
it’s also very self absorbed.
i go through shit,
but if someone i’m cool with suddenly stops keeping up their social media,
ima reach out to see if they aight.
if they don’t respond,
then ima find out what’s the deal.

see we’re in social media world now.
the days of “I wonder what happened to ________?” doesn’t really exist.
it’s not the 90s anymore.
our parents/relatives even have “something” social media.
if not,
you know they not tech saavy and have a basic cellphone.
if someone that consistently posts stops,
and it has been a minute since they last posted…

Wouldn’t that make your senses tingle just a little?

unless you are a socio/pyschopath
when i don’t update the foxhole,
i get emails from foxholers asking if i’m okay.
so what’s the excuse from those you know?
folks you been around?
they can be up under your posts,
gas you up when you flexin,
but can’t send a message if you stop posting?

you should know where you stand.
i do.

lowkey: another one is:

open up the hearts of those who are true around me.”

if you start losing “friends”,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Thought You Fucked With Me”

    1. ^sometimes you gotta get gone for your own sanity,
      but it’s crazy how it reveals who really is down for you.
      a “friend” would check in even if they don’t get a response.
      sometimes we call people “friends” who are simply not.

  1. Listen….I LOVE THIS POST!! I recently took a break from Facebook, my IG is a bunch of memes and pics I like so ppl don’t even know it’s me. I literally only had 3 ppl reach out to see and say “what’s up”. I have 5000 friends on there, almost as many in real life, and only 3 ppl checked on me. But, when I tell you that was the most peaceful 3 weeks I have had in a long time I mean that thang! I’ve been thinking of deactivating again for the rest of the year.

  2. Im super happy I do not have social media. I stopped participating around the time that Facebook expanded to multiple universities. At that time Blackplanet was the shit and Collegclub was kind poppin. I truly believe social media will be the demise of society. Some folks live more so online than in real life it seems. They care more about how strangers view them than how they view themselves. I understand using social media as a platform to promote business and to network to build business connections but I think it should never be used to determine someone’s worth as person based of altered images and artificial friendships. In the past when I would inform people that I have no social media they would question me like I was crazy or they would almost get offended as if I was lying to them just so I wouldn’t have to give them my info. Now most people understand and some share stories with me on why they do not have social media anymore.

  3. This is all predicated on if you’re really active on social media to begin with.

    I know I’m not. Most times I’m just on there looking.

    Phone still dry as fuck though, but that’s to be expected because I don’t really fuck with anyone either lol

  4. I also hate how people act like they value the kind of friendships where they don’t talk for long periods of time but pick up where they left off when they do reconnect.

    That sounds like a damn associate to me, not a friend.

    The lines have become so blurred on what real friendship is these days. People just role in cliques to be seen together but wouldn’t lift a finger to help each other.

    A lot of us just hang around each other these days and call it friendship.

    I hate it and its why I don’t claim to have real friends. Just a lot of associates and people I have history with.

    1. I agree and disagree. I agree that the lines between friendship much like relationships are so blurry and gray nowadays. I never was big on having a ton of friends because that breeds trouble so I tend to keep a tight circle of friends that are like family to me.

      Now when they move away that’s when the “pick up where we left off” occurs because life happens. At the same time if we live in the same damn city that don’t fly with me one bit. We don’t have to see each other everyday but a lil communication goes along way.

      And I agree with Jamari on how people love to throw around “I’m always busy” “I have stuff going on” like its nothing. The main ones saying this act like they a world leader, celeb, or CEO when they just a regular regular that works at a call center and sits on they ass when they get home like gtfoh. People make time for what they want. Point blank.

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