Hold Up The Black Mirror and Let It Fuck Me Stupid

i like when i’m watching a movie,
or a tv show,
and what i thought was happening was not really.
a hard core mind fucking.
my home vixen got me into this show called “black mirror” on netflix.
for the foxholers who watched it…


for those who never watched,
it’s about 3 seasons of different stories every episode.
it’s like the twilight zone,
but the episodes center around technology.

social media

a lot of current pop culture references too.
some of the stories still stuck with me.
the one about “american idol” and “the memory chip” fucked me.don’t even get me started on the pig episode:

i was like what in the bacon loving fuck is this??!?!?!
maybe i’m desensitized,
but none of the episodes have really disturbed me.
others are vomiting and having nightmares.
i say check it out,
but be fully warned some of the stories might have you fucked.

lowkey: i’m on “white bear” on the second season.
already waiting for the “GOTCHA”.
i know it’s coming and i’m bracing myself…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Hold Up The Black Mirror and Let It Fuck Me Stupid”

  1. Welcome Jamari lol!The episode with the bees!oh and the one where thecompany making clones of dead lived ones…This is a really good series!

  2. This show is a mess, and I love it. Lol. Wait till you get to the 1st episode of season 3, it’s how our society is now. I’m not going to give too much away, but that’s one reason why I value real connections between people.

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