Marshun Cooper Shoots Really Good

let’s get into ^this.
alla this.
so im at work,
minding my business,
when one of the foxholers sent me a dm about that wolf.
judging from the picture,
you know that’s a marvin bienaime find:

marvin all in the shot…
well this is what else he did with marvin…

can we font?!?!?!??!
“how fione he is” would be the first part of the conversation.
he almost looks too good that i’m already asking…

What’s wrong with him?

do i even want to know?
his name is marshun cooper and…

i mean…

wolves like this often look “too good”.
you know they got some fuck jackal tendencies lurking.
you either:

admire them from a distance
give them the best foxhole every time they cum… over

 it’s nice when those “types” come to dick you down.
hopefully he is good at dickin’ you down.
those “types” can be lazy af in bed.
not much
about marshun tho.
 the way how the f-bi is set up,
or the baiters on tumblr,

i’m sure i’ll get the lowdown soon.

lowkey: i posted him on the ig foxhole before.

photos cc: marvin bienaime | marshun cooper

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Marshun Cooper Shoots Really Good”

  1. A sexy chocolate Capricorn?!? Yum. But knowing how my sign is I can guess wats wrong lol. But he is quite something. Lemme enjoy da view.

      1. I mean we can be utterly amazing. But issa range lol. Aloof, cold. Calculating AF. Materialistic. Vindictive. Possessive. And just a straight up narcissist for starters. But hey he’s probably a great guy. Those are just wat he would be like if he was a dark sided Cap lol

  2. All of that mocha hot chocolate that is hittin my brown eyes!! I need more Ovaltine please!!! I can’t concentrate right now…I got my Willy Wonka hat on and I’m ready for this chocolate you done posted today…My melanin senses are tingling and I need him now…!!…Wait a minute, did you say he a Capricorn..?!? Baby, I DO NOT get along with Capricorns. Gotta give him that double F….Fuk ’em, then Fire ’em…cause I ain’t bout to deal with all that…

  3. Is he fucking these dudes? Or just have the pleasure of seeing them naked? lol Kinda like Tarrice Love, he use to shoot a lot of nude males.

  4. Dammit man! I’m a December 6 Sagittarius and I KNOW for certain I’m not compatable with Capricorns. I wish Marshun Cooper was a Leo or Aquarius or Aries. Hell yeah I’ll holla and be his bae all day! *starts to ugly cry in a Florida Evans voice* DAMN! DAMN! DAAAAAAMN!

  5. Marvin is fine as hell too. Them str8 white teefs and DSLs…yum. I remember that vid he had a durag on serving #TradeRealnees lol. Marshun looks like fam.

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