blameitonkway gets a major blessing

so i think blameitonkway is absolutely amazing.
as you know,
he plays a character named “titi” that has a huge following.
his videos are funny,
they are always edited well,
and the wolves he features are usually fine af.
he always has the best attentionistos in his videos.
so he is a major fan of tyler perry and asked his followers to do this:

well he asked and God came through with the goods.
this is the message he got from tyler…
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Jon Moody Does “Acting, Bawdy, and Cake” All In One

i’d like to think jon moody is a foxhole fav.
he is talented,
good looking,
and woke.
sign me up.
well jon has decided to put the paint brush down and try some acting.
he did a skit with titi from “blameitonkway”.
a foxholer updated me and well…
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