Jon Moody Does “Acting, Bawdy, and Cake” All In One

i’d like to think jon moody is a foxhole fav.
he is talented,
good looking,
and woke.
sign me up.
well jon has decided to put the paint brush down and try some acting.
he did a skit with titi from “blameitonkway”.
a foxholer updated me and well…

i had two reactions watching this video.
the first was:

i don’t have to tell you that titi is funny.
and the other reaction was:

help me father.
can we talk about jon’s bawdy?!?!
did you see:

his pecs?
the arms?
his tail?
his hair?

okay hair is random…
but it is so thick and full.
jon has been my fav for a while:

i’m glad to see he is stepping out from behind the canvas.
i’d like to see more jon in 2017.

How did Jon even get involved in this?

a foxholer knows something.
we know everything.
jon also gifted titi with a painting:


lowkey: titi has some nice cameos in his videos.
he got other fine wolves as co stars.
he even got christina milan.
i’ll allow it.

video credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Jon Moody Does “Acting, Bawdy, and Cake” All In One”

  1. 10s across the board. I see it for him. THAT is a man. uhg.

    As for Kwe, y’all really gon’ act like that boy is straight? I love his Titi persona though (even though he uses the angry black woman sterotype, which is slightly offensive), but I can sorta see it. No 10s, no chops.

    1. When did he say he was straight? He always at gay events. He may not be the “stereotypical” gay but he’s far from straight.

      1. thanks for the clarification. Well I’m happy his orientation doesn’t make these social media alphas uncomfortable. That’s really good to know dudes are becoming more progressive.

  2. Okay ive said it before and ill say it again…Jon’s body is a masterpiece just like his art but i would really like to purchase one…*coughs* if i can afford it

  3. I love watching blameitonkway. Jon is the type of wolf you would have to argue with, just to have make up sex lol. Another black comedian who is funny is Donte Hall. His Instagram page is Taedatea, he is hilarious.

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