So Markeith Rivers Has Been Allegedly Shot?

that’s the word in the forests.
markeith rivers was shot tonight.
the following is the facebook status that started it,
as well as a write up from aazah

The DL Detective Markeith Rivers known best for exposing men on the down low has reportedly been involved in a shooting near his home in North Carolina.  Rivers made headlines last year when he outed a prominent North Carolina pastor and demanded compensation for keeping quiet.  He made the news again this year when a video of him asking a married man to get down on his knees and beg him not to out him to his wife went viral.  Here’s what we know so far.

Rivers was allegedly shot sometime last night or early this morning 

Whoever shot him also robbed him.

The person also set Rivers car on fire.

Apparently someone posted Rivers address online after a video he posted earlier this week.

Early reports said he was in the ICU but that his condition improved.

if the alleged is true,
i can’t say that i have any sympathy.
he came off too malicious with his crusade.
another thing that confuses me with him:

How you gonna fuck em and then out em?

…and have you seen the latest batch of dls he has outed?

x twitter
x facebook

i wouldn’t be shocked if they were involved.
they all up in his crib and shit.
i hope he pulls through to gets his “national jackal wake up call”.
imagine doing all of this for free
and you still gotta pay your own hospital bills.

article taken: aazah

45 thoughts on “So Markeith Rivers Has Been Allegedly Shot?

  1. I don’t see what his mother having cancer and his brother being in trouble had to do with what happened to HIM? And you said it as if to say haha they felons and his mother has cancer bc karma came after them..well how about if they are felons did it not happen BEFORE he started the exposures?..yes his mother was diagnosed also Before the exposure started ..but YOU say you know him the nerve ..And No I don’t pay . I’m not in his group bc I don’t want to see that , However anyone can be in the same position for the foul things we’ve done to others and all of us have at a few times in our lives ..just remember what you said when you too are faced with Karma!!!

    1. Actually I think it is important to know some background information on him.He has been engaging in criminal acts for years so he makes bad choices.His mother has cancer so if he is close to her he may be dealing with some issues surrounding her illness.He may be depressed, he may be more reckless or self destructive, or vengeful.
      Also I don’t know what type of cancer she has but if she has cervical or something similar it may have been cause by a STD so he may blame some two timing man for her diagnosis.

      Personally I think he is an asshole for MANY reasons ,#1 for charging women money to watch his videos.Rather than encouraging these women to take responsibility for their sexual health and insist their partners use condoms.That’s what he would do if he really cared.But he doesn’t care.He is a two bit hustler.

      As for the guys,cheating and deceiving women is wrong but it is just as wrong if you are cheating with another woman or another man,IMO.

      Lastly he is ugly AF so I am confused why ANYBODY is having sex with him.

      1. He may have been ugly AF, but he was pullin some cuties!! He must be orally skilled or has booty of gold! LOL

        1. Booty of Gold?
          Every screenshot I have seen shows him topping some guy doggy style.So I guess maybe he has a Golden Dick.LMAO ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Ah well! Serves you right. I cannot stand a messy individual..lucky you have another chance at life. You dedicate your life destroying others. No remorse at all. #BLOOP!

  3. The comment on LSA are disgusting. Plenty of dudes on the DL aren’t purposely out there spreading diseases nor are all DL dudes cheating on women with men while in relationships with women. smh. Come out the closet then you’ll be rejected or stay in the closet and play the role of the ‘masculine black king’ and you still can’t please anybody. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. And the crazy part is those women rooting for Markeith don’t realize they’re part of the problem. smfh!!!!

    1. When u come out the closet nothing changes unless u are in school around young dummies. If u are privileged to have real friends behind you they won’t chance, but too many black men in society wanna live out a rap video in real life and never advance. They stay in the closet and date won to please everyone else which causes them to never be able to achieve their full potentials. After I came out I had it rough to the point that I wish people would reject me but they won’t leave me alone and because of this I learned that alot of the fear we have or in my case, had as download men is make believe

      1. Not true it differs from person to person. I’m an out gay man my family pretty much knew because i never kept it a secret but i know people, who have come out and gotten disowned by their families, one even got beaten by his brothers and not every gay guy wants their business out there. Some people are discreet and/or dl but they’re not playing both sides of the field they’re just keeping their business to themselves. I feel in the black community i’s just TMI everybody wants to know your business simply so that they can talk about you. A black gay men is damned if he do and damned if he doesnt for the most part. He comes out he’s shunned, ostracized in the church, condemned to hell by other folks and if he doesnt he’s called a coward, or they want to blame him for HIV amongst black women and etc….Lastly in some places you can become killed if you come out so it’s far from being easy for most men homophobia is still very much an issue

      2. and I’m 29 and the men i know who went through issues upon coming out to their family and etc are in their 30’s so age doesnt really play a role in this for the most part

  4. Man stop play with my god son like that for real they should mint bw on the down low fuck female and males at the same damn time… so what he exposed them they need to be exposed!

  5. Let me know how it turns out, I will bring a 8-piece to the Repass, dont ask for no fries, potato salad or rolls. Wishing the family comfort during this difficult time.

    1. How are you going to have a repast with fried chicken and no rolls?At least bring some slices of bread and some store brand cans of soda.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Lets be clear, no decent woman that anyone wants would actually pay to see this fool fuck and suck men.

    He caters to the lowest fucking denominator so I’m not surprised they’re upset.

    I, on the other hand, couldn’t donate a damn to him or anyone else that kisses and yells for their own sick pleasure. Shows you’re not even mature enough to be engaging in sex.

    I’m surprised they just shot him. I would’ve bet a group of them would’ve beat him half to death.

  7. I’ve watched some videos. Something seems off. I can’t imagine some of these dudes let him slap them.

  8. If you going to risk being exposed let it be by someone who is fine where others can understand.
    Now in regards to him being shot this, I agree, is a warning. Being DL I take extreme precautions and I control everything to avoid creeps like this. I know people hate us but understand we struggle with our choices mentality and emotionally. It is not easy.

    1. That’s a choice these niggaz made. It’s just a testament to the fact that some of these niggaz will do anything. This same dude put a pastor on blast and made headlines for it then outted two rappers that resulted in one of them commiting suicide . I’m like isn’t the word out in Charlotte about this cat he made headlines?? But take this from somebody that was DL an didn’t come out until 23. Half of the niggaz out there hopping in the shower for fun but so afraid of what these hoes think when they gone fuck u regardless they just wanna know the truth. If u look good these bitches don’t care, I’m glad I came out when I did now I don have to worry about shit like getting exposed and living in fear. When u come out, all u find out is that the majority of the people around u are willing to sleep with u. At least that’s how it is for me

  9. Jamari he’s not doing this for free remember. You have to join his membership club “PAYPAL” fee for the dirty dirty
    I knew where he lived and its not in Charlotte. It was just a matter of time that someone he baited would find out.

    1. his mother lives in charlotte and he was living in greensboro hiding. his mom live off brookshire blvd on mc ginn grove rd…I’m glad he got what he got…he a snake ass mf and I say this because I know him.


  10. the next time the shooter will not miss. The is just a warning sign. The next time he will be a dead man as the shooter will not miss that time. Sad. very sad. I have no sympathy for this rat.

  11. This dude is the walking dead. He has a video posted on his page (I didn’t watch all of it) but he seems to have been run up on by someone he messed with but was able to get away. He was even stupid enough to mention the person’s name in the video. That video alone tells me he’s neurotic and has mental issues. He won’t quit until he’s dead.

  12. Although i don’t condone men being devious and lying about their sexuality sleeping with multiple putting their wives and etc at risk i DO NOT feel sorry for this clown…He’s messing with DL men, who in my opinion are the most dangerous because they have something to lose. Especially HOOD DL men who trap, run the block and etc. I dealt with those types in the past and it’s scary because it’s like you have to keep everything under wraps and they’re very aggressive. He picked the ‘RIGHT one’ and the unfortunate thing is his ass wont learn because he’s thirsty for attention and his female followers are stupid. He must didnt learn from Walter Hampton getting sliced and diced aint nothing the fuck nice lol when he started talking about Tyler Perry. Like Markeith you knew you were fucking with DL men now all of a sudden you want to start outing people. And i bet he doesnt have insurane…btw he looks dirty to me you sure he didnt burn someone and they came back for revenge lmao…. #DONE..pray that he learns his lesson but he won’t not until he gets a bullet in his head…some people just don’t learn the streets don’t got no picks and anyone can get caught up. all a person needs to kill is MOTIVE and emotions

  13. What kills me is the fact that these women say DL men need to be exposed because of HIV/AIDS rates, but support dude sleeping with all of these men….as long as he exposes them it’s cool, right?

    1. Dont forget that alot of these women dont use protection at all with these dudes. I mean even dudes they meet on Tues and fucking on Sat. They fuck raw!

  14. So, if this is true, who didn’t see that some fucked up shit was gonna happen to him? I am not wishing evils on anybody, but you got to know trying to expose people aint gonna turn out good for you in the end.

    PS Do anyone really subscribes to his site to see the vids?

    1. SlayinDumbBiatches you wouldn’t believe how many women subscribe to his site. Mostly women to see if their man will be exposed.

  15. I honestly have no sympathy for this man. What he was doing was disgusting, vile, trash and unacceptable.

    1. ^many of us in the life feel this way.
      it’s the ones like him and the vixens that feel he was fighting this good fight.
      he literally was fuckin these same dls he outed.
      no shame.

  16. We saw this coming from a mile away. I don’t feel bad for him BUT I hope this is a wake up call for him.

    1. EXACTLY, I mean the sniper Stevie Wonder and his spotter Ray Charles could have seen that coming from a mile away.

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