“Kim Burrell Thinks You’re Going To Hell” (and Other Connotations)

star fox (rip) was a huge fan of kim burrell.
it seems a lot of church folks love(d) her.
i never listened to her,
but i remember how highly he always spoke about her.
i feel an “a-ha” moment in this somewhere.
well she has changed the opinions of many recently.
what she do?
she bashed the members of many foxholes far and wide.
someone in her congregation decided to film it on facebook live.
this is what she said in her sermon


Gospel singer Kim Burrell said some horrible things about gay people in a sermon she aired on her Facebook Live page and now she’s being blasted for her comments.

At the beginning of the video, Kim appears to suggest that homosexuals will die in 2017.

“I came to tell you about sin,” Kim continues. “That sin nature… That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women… You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.”

After the video started to spread on social media, Kim took to her Facebook Live page again to apologize for her words.

“We’re not in a war against flesh and blood. I came on because I care about God’s creation and every person from the LGBT and anything else, any other kind of thing that is supporting gay… I never said LGBT last night,” Kim says in the new video. “I said S-I-N and whatever falls in the sin was preached.”

her “apology video:


she didn’t say “l-g-b-t” but she said “s-i-n”?
in the same breath,
she said “the homosexual spirit/that has it/those who living with sin”.

she walked off the altar and saw that “in the name of jesus” dragging awaiting for her.
her apology didn’t sound like an apology to me.
that could be just me.

well look,
are we really surprised?
most of those in the church are not for us.
it’s the same with how most whites are not for “us”.
we just have to accept that.
these church folks,
especially the vixens in that realm,
are only tolerant of gays.
it’s all good when we are displaying our talents,
being “interior designers” or “fashion designers”,
but they secretly spraying us with holy water in their heads.
it kills me how church folks would banish their own blood for being gay,
but they have no problem coddling sexual predators and drug addicts.
i think they need to work on their priorities.

well kim,
i heard your “apology” and i’m perverted af.
i love a nice looking wolf and his penis to follow.
guess what tho?
i got favor.
God has shown me,
and others who are like me,
countless times that we have that favor like our straight counterparts.
whatever it was you did on that altar won’t stop me from attending church.
like working with some whites who “tolerate” me,
i’ll do you one better:

I’ll pray for you

in my growth,
everyone has an opinion of those who like/lust the same sex.
i don’t care for many straights so can i really judge?
i’d still be classy af to those who don’t like my life choices.
no need in being “the angry black gay” because of ignorance.

romans 12:20:
“if your enemy is hungry, feed him;

    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
in doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

in so many foxhole words,
that also translates to:

that would be their humbling and not mine.
karma has a way of changing ones opinion.
see how that works?

lowkey: i bettttttttttttt…
they don’t have a homosexual spirit when they doing her hair and styling her tho.

article taken: just jared

25 thoughts on ““Kim Burrell Thinks You’re Going To Hell” (and Other Connotations)

  1. I try not to judge anyone because I’ve had sexual relations before marriage an I cuss like a sailor listen to kashdoll an have a gay bestfriend we all sin differently I’m a Christian myself I believe strongly in my Heavenly Father all I know is that God calls homosexuality an abomination
    (Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13) he is whom we have to answer to not Kim Burrell but I believe he sent her as a messenger that’s her opinion.

  2. I made a video on Youtube sharing my thoughts about it yesterday so far it’s at 577 views and already the ‘you’re an abomination’ quotes have surfaced. I’m tired of being emotionally abused and those who claim to love the LORD. I think in 2017 I’ll be making my departure from religion and church indefinitely I’m just emotionally tired of treated as if I’m a monster meanwhile if you’re str8 and doing your thing or etc it’s no problem…over it

  3. Well their Bible preaches against homosexuality. I say ” their” because I don’t feel like I subscribe to any religious “system”. More of a spiritual energy person. With that said I don’t too much care what these so called saintly folk think of me. Nor do I have an interest in being included in the their house of God or their house period! We invest entirely to much in caring what people who are not writing us a check think of us. I also will continue to listen to her music because her voice is very pleasant. In closing what she said really did not bother me, what bothered me is that she did not own it. It is what her belief system believes? So if you said it own it and keep pushing. Hell she defies her religions standard Everytime she stands in the pullpit to preach. She feels as though God gave herr ministry to give to people and she gives it regardless of what men think of her being a woman giving the ministry. So she needs to own what she says. She sees it how she sees it And we should continue to live our lives and not give a gotdamn. Screw the standard if you don’t fit and Fuck apologizes! Be Happy ya’ll and Have a Prosperous New Year!

  4. I had a claim, like us, he was gay. His mother threw every verse she could find about homosexuality. She hated it, didn’t accept him, threw him out the house. Meanwhile, her daughter was strung out on drugs. Stealing for it, leaving here two babies at home by themselves in a crib with a bottle of milk. Sleeping with all kinds of people.. Every thing you can think of, she’s done it. But she says he’s going to hell and not condemn her…She lost her son unfortunately to HIV/AIDS. She was so sad about it. Now she sings a different tune. Instead of showing love and kindness, she let her hatred take over. God wants us to live everybody and treat people with kindness. Not hate. These Bible thinkers kill me picking parts of the Bible they choose to send you to hell… If you gone complain about one, complain about it all…

  5. I’ve lost all respect for Kim when she attended the Grammy’s while your so claimed friend Whitney was dead upstairs in the building. She’s fake and about the dollar! I hope she gets cancelled for Ellen…

  6. More of the same BS that divides and harms black people. To be against gays is anti-science, anti-fact, anti-evidence and anti-logic. It is science, facts, logic and evidence that are needed to elevate black people–not myth, ignorance, assumption or wishful thinking. Through science we know that there is a natural range of human sexual orientation. For example, Google “The Kinsey Scale of Sexuality”. She’s preaching harmful and hurtful foolishness.

  7. I find it odd that she talks about perverted homosexuals a few days before she is scheduled to appear on The Ellen Show.I am pretty sure Ellen sticks her face in her wife’s breast.Also Kim decided to appear on Frank Ocean’s song.I am pretty sure he has had a penis or two in his mouth.

    My main issue is the hypocrisy.These saints are always saying God created the penis for the vagina.Well if that’s the case he didn’t create the penis for the mouth.So every woman who performs a BJ is also engaging in a perverted or deviant sexual act.I guess I am a pervert.😀Oral and anal sex is sodomy, oral sodomy and anal sodomy.So either condemn everyone who engages in those sex acts or nobody.Pre marital sex is fornication.So condemn every fornicator.I read that most of Kim’s congregation is single mothers, most of whom have never been married.So I want to hear her sermon condemning fornication.
    I am not going to discuss the sin of gluttony. I remember when she weighed 300 lbs.I wonder if she preaches about that.

  8. God makes no mistakes, but let me perm my hair and weave it up with non black hair texture. God make no mistakesense, however you whole bleaching your skin or contouring this house slave foundation on her face and neck yet your armsite and legs are still dark. The Holy Bible is the truth 100%, praise God it was forced down our slave ancestors throats. The Bible says how slaves should be treated and how it’s okay to beat them. The Holy Bible is truth 100% but I’m gonna lust, not cover my skin, and have sex and kids out of wedlock but it’s okay for me cause I’m stright. Only gays go to hell only gay people 😑😒. I just love when Christians pick and choose what they believe in the Holy Bible. Just because you white out the things you don’t want to live by in the Holy Bible doesn’t make it magically disappear 😂 law is law, and rules are rules. There are things in the Holy Bible that I don’t understand or get why that sin is such a big deal, however I never could understand why people can look pass so many sins except homosexuals and it seems to me Christians love to tell people they’re going to hell it makes alot of them so warm, fuzzy, and happy. My pineapple just pray for people be kind and grateful keep it pushing.

  9. I’m not shocked by this at all. So many people in the church judge other and then pick and choose certain things from the Bible to talk/preach about. The Bible speaks against women preaching but I guess she skipped over that part. Either way I think everyone should live life and love. Don’t let her ignorance stop you from being you.

  10. *Raises hand*

    Why y’all so mad though? Let’s start there. Kim Burrell isn’t Jesus and she’s entitled to her interpretation and you all are entitled to take it or leave it.

    Amazing how church gays have put her on a pedestal and now they’re being petty attacking her appearance lol

    She might equate homosexuality with sexual acts, but then again so do the majority of homosexuals if we’re being honest.

    Either way, I have no bone in this fight. All of you crazy people need Jesus lol

    1. ” but then again so do the majority of homosexuals if we’re being honest.”

      The sad honest truth.

    2. Don’t crucify me please, but I’m still struggling to figure out why “church gay” is a thing if you’re subjected to all that as a gay/bi “non-straight” person . I’m not religious, but I grew up in a catholic family so i know how it goes (my parents aren’t religious though). I’m not questioning anyone for believing in Jesus or Christianity/Catholicism whatever it may be, but I AM questioning why gay people would willingly subject themselves to anti-gay rhetoric, and then proceed to get mad. That place isn’t for us! They don’t need to cater to you, at all, the onus is on you to find some outlet that you connect with that isn’t damaging to you. Maybe find a neutral church (or even a different religion/spirituality) I thought it was cool when Jamari said that he streams sermons from home. I feel like that is a much healthier alternative because you can choose (more or less) who you listen to and who you support. Honestly, like JAY said, no one has to BELIEVE anything that woman says, so if you know it not to be true, ignore her and move on ( and boycott her ass too lol). She’s one of “those” church folk. That’s how they are, they aren’t changing just as much as we aren’t , so instead of getting into a tizzy about an ignoramus, just focus on people who actually have a message that isn’t destructive to a whole demographic of people ( or a message in general)…

      Idk, that’s always been my thoughts on that. People like her don’t bring any weight to anything, nor do they say anything new. If I got mad at every homophobe, I’d be mad 24/7. They’re not worth the energy. Why get mad if the only thing they spit is lies?

      She’s like that crazy aunt or uncle, they always have some wild opinion, you don’t have to like, listen, nor believe any of it. You know better.

  11. Jamari you are preaching today, I also grew up in a black baptist church so I heard so much how homosexuality is so wrong. I get so sick and tired of how people especially in the church act like being gay is the worst thing you can be. Naw some of the worst things you can be is a rapist, abuser, child predator, etc but you don’t hear that being preached about. That is why I stopped going to church once I moved out my parents home. I believe in God, I pray and have faith, but I’m not going to sit in a church and listen to the pastor going in on homosexuality, like their just so perfect, when we know they are definitely flawed.

  12. You know what…. Let me just take a deep breath before I go……..IN. First and foremost, I know no one is perfect. BUT….. I get so sick and tired of PIC.. (People in Church) talking about homosexuality is a sin in church. Why don’t they ever talk about Straight people who molest their own children, Straight people who murder people for no reason, Straight people who have endless one night stands (I thought you’re not supposed to have sex before marriage.. Just saying), Straight people who have swinger parties, Straight people who allow black men with 10 inch dicks or more fuck their partners (Wives and Husbands) right in front of them, Straight Pastors fucking young girls and young men in the church (claiming that they need the pastor’s seed to cleanse their soul), I am just so sick of people like that. The God I KNOW.. IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION AND LOVES ME BECAUSE I AM GAY. .. I am soo done… I am leaving this right here…. (MIC Drop)

    1. ^don’t these church “get that gay spirit out ya!” rants these pastors go on,
      in a place where many gays are usually in abundance,
      seem like a form of mental abuse?

      there is someone probably suicidal because of that disgusting sermon.

    2. @Omar…you hit the nail on the head. The straights do more devious and perverted shyt that gays/bisexual people, but it’s OK for them to do so. Evidently someone gay must’ve rubbed Mrs. Burrell the wrong way (perhaps boyfriend/hubby was caught with one) and she felt the need to preach…but what amazes me is that they preach hate and try to cloud it in the words of the Bible. One thing I’ve always taken from my grandmother is that god loves all his children no matter what. THOSE are the words that I take to heart, not this selective and hypocritical bullshit these people try to force down our throats.

  13. I hate when people equate gay with sexual acts. We love the same sex just as straights love the opposite sex. We are people too. In that “apology” video she just seems so disingenuous and phony.

      1. Now it makes sense. That hoe bitter. Btw, I wonder how Ellen feels about all of this. I heard Kim is singing on her show soon

  14. I grew up in church and I could talk all day about the way church folks talk about us, but I don’t have the energy so I’ll just say…… Bye Kim ✌

    1. ^i see how fake some of them can be so i’m now a bedside baptist.

      the crazy part is the dl and church gays were probably at her sermon cheering her on.
      that part always baffles me.

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