Maravilla Wants You To Know Something

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.59.09 PMokayyyyyy…
franyely lora aka maravilla has something to say to all of ya’ll.
what was it?
he wants to address his sexuality.
he wrote the following in spanish,
but one of my foxholers translated it for us…
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Maravilla Is Leaving Social Media Because of One of You

12821414_1004119082995681_7842956260855074737_nyou want to know the downside to being the attentionisto/nista?
your self worth depends on your social media accounts.
well maravilla,
a foxhole attentionisto fav,
has had his self worth pretty much destroyed recently.
by one of you.
he has decided to end his social media experience,
but not without a little message on facebook
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So Another Trip Down To The Dominican Republic For V Day?

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.43.45 PMi feel like going down there for this entry.
i got some sudden inspiration
so who wants some maravilla for valentine’s day?

he even made a video to show us what we are missing…
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Maravilla Drops His Towel

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.46.24 AMi’m just going to say it:

maravilla is sexier than borrell jr

even tho they both have the “attentionisto” spirit all over them,
maravilla seems to have a natural sex appeal.
plus he looks like he would be better in bed.
i could be wrong.
well maravilla decided to tease his audience with a video he deleted quickly.
well the foxhole alerted me and i got it before he got rid of it…
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Did You Snag A Dominican Wolf Today?

tumblr_nsugmwDQhF1qbjqn3o1_540today was the 2015 dominican parade.
all the sexy dominican wolves were looking for prey down in the city.
all the black wolves also made it down there as well.
i’m sure to find the latest in “spanish hoe”.
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