Maravilla Is Leaving Social Media Because of One of You

12821414_1004119082995681_7842956260855074737_nyou want to know the downside to being the attentionisto/nista?
your self worth depends on your social media accounts.
well maravilla,
a foxhole attentionisto fav,
has had his self worth pretty much destroyed recently.
by one of you.
he has decided to end his social media experience,
but not without a little message on facebook

this is it in spanish:

marvilla span

and the english:


with the video:

he is leaving social media because:

a) “hateful jackals” reported his page
b) it took hours to make videos of dancing/pouring chocolate on his bawdy
c) he brought light in everyone’s life by grindin’ on a table.

n4dtagi don’t know what’s more pathetic.
the video or what was written beneath it.

if beyonce had let the vixens who left destiny’s child destroy her,
there would be no “beyonce”.

if ye let a car accident stop him from rapping,
there would be no “ye”.

if jay stopped rapping because dame dash showed his ass,
there would be no “jay-z”.

if rihanna stopped performing after everyone turned on her,
because they decided she was wrong for chris brown attacking her,
then there would be no “rihanna”.

if chris brown stopped doing all the dumb shit he does,
we wouldn’t have the joy that is our “chris brown” either.

…and there are many other stories as well.
what i’m trying to say if your thong is way up your butt cheekz papi.
when some hateful jackal reported my website from “”,
it was removed and i was left with nothing.
all of my hard work and joy was gone…
for a day or two.
i ended up buying my website,
being broke as hell,
but having it self hosted has been the best.
i am free to post/do my own shit.
i fight daily to be taken seriously as a blogger.
i get ignored by most of the public compared to my peers.
i enjoy writing on my site everyday.
i do it because i love it.
obviously maravilla didn’t love it enough.
he is teaching his same “fans” it’s okay to give up.

if this is what he liked to do,
a little adversity shouldn’t make him stop.
he should sink his teeth into it.
there is ALWAYS going to be hateful jackals who want to ruin you.
your same friends may become your worst enemies,
but there is no better joy than taking them down.
the smell of a hateful jackal’s destruction…

tumblr_inline_nko9jsZ9Uz1rjqi19it smells like clean linen and a unicorn’s ass.
this is one of my favorite convos with frank underwood on “house of cards”:

i don’t think this is the last we will see of maravilla tho.
this is what they all say when they want some attention.
you think he gonna last a minute off the grid?

tumblr_nxiapvbjDu1qbjqn3o1_250 shake tumblr_nxiapvbjDu1qbjqn3o3_250i highly doubt it.

31 thoughts on “Maravilla Is Leaving Social Media Because of One of You

  1. Im so tired of him dancing around like a Latin clown in a Instagram surface.

    He must have a miserable life. I had a talk with a friend today and we where talking about these folks on these social sites that have so many likes yet they are single, jobless and what else.

    He said something about this chick that posts pics of her and her hubby all happy on FB but he knows the truth…

    I was like ohhhh i see.

  2. i would have told him bye felicia…you’re dancing half naked acting like you made a change in the world…you’re just a body people want to fuck…Bye Maravilla….i wish these men would invest in business and understand there are millions of hot sexy bodies in the world that doesnt equal staying power.

  3. Lol please. If your social media is all you have to promote yourself then you are not as successful as you say you are.

  4. He’s cute, but who cares. I want to believe there is more to this story, but I seriously doubt there is. I wish he grew his hair long again. I miss it.

  5. I’m mad because he was very, very attractive. But the fact that he let a couple of setbacks derail his “success” just shows what kind of person he really is. Maybe I can catch him at the strip club and he can do me some “favors” on his way to making some real money and not fake fans. Haha.

  6. I came here to amplify what others, including Jamri, have already said. Marvilla is “leaving” because he valued how many followers he had on Instaram. Without that, he deems his own value to be worthless. It’s actually kinda said. I guess now it’s the time to say that he has an idea of who has been trying to hack him, and we all know the person. “When your idols because your rivals” indeed…

    1. ^love that last line p.
      why would a random hack a page?
      the gays loved him.
      it seems like his competition is trying to ruin him.
      marvilla should have been trying to brand himself.
      it seemed borrell had better people in his ear.
      maravilla seems he would do better as a rent boy.

      1. I’m partial to Maravilla, but I think he didn’t have the “heart” to be an attentionisto. He wanted the social media likes, faves, and impressions, but he didn’t want to be seen on the bus or have to explain why he’s still living with his relatives. I still think he’s dumb for giving in. But that’s just my opinion. As for Borrell, I think he’s just a “go getter” and that makes him seem smarter. This isn’t about one being better than the other, but about who had the drive to get the biggest crumbs. That’s the sad yet honest truth.

  7. This makes absolutely no sense so basically you’re in your feelings and you decide to cut out the one-way anyone knows of you. Look I like his videos they’re sexy but it’s not like he’s doing something that hasn’t been done before and won’t be done in the future. Like everyone else said there are plenty of guys that would gladly take his place .

  8. The haters must be str8 women that he rejected they are report him. these women are’t just doing him they are do it to hot gay men’s account on ig and fb when they find out the guys is gay.

  9. Well, I did not expect this, but I will not complain tho. Those videos were work? I could do that…well idk lol.

    He can also take Beck, Borrell Jr, and Latin Heat (whatever his name is) with him as well. All of them are thirsty for attention on the daily basis.

    1. ^damn man said “they can go and take the others with you”.
      i feel steven beck would have a heart attack if someone hacked his shit.
      we might see actual tears from that one.

      1. Nah…I think Heat would be more affected! He’s become REALLY thirsty for attention lately with the jerkoff vids and shyt.

  10. What kills me is he isn’t even applying himself. Make your own website and make some money to get out of your mamas house!

    White men making all kinds of fetish sites making bank and minorities are content with Instagram likes lol

    He could probably sell some used underwear for $200 and some anonymous person will buy it.

    1. ^”White men making all kinds of fetish sites making bank and minorities are content with Instagram likes ”

      you are speaking the truth.
      he should be on the same level as borrell jr,
      borrell seems like he will sell his own soul for that come up.
      maravilla wasn’t that hungry and in this “attentionisto” game,
      you gotta be go past your comfort zone to make your shit pop.

      hell who is to say borrell jr didn’t report his shit out of spite?

      1. What level is Borrell on tho? He is just selling it for higher prices, probably for a couple more thousand than his homie.

      2. I was thinking that IMMEDIATELY…that Borrell had something to do with it. They were cool…but they had a falling out somewhere because they both had lots of pics of themselves together on each other’s pages…and then they both went solo.
        Maravilla didn’t apply himself like Borrell did. He took the bull by the horns and ran with it. They both used to be go-go boys at Adonis Lounge, but Borrell moved on to catering to a bigger income bracket…while Maravilla (Frank) is still wiggling his ass at the club for $20 every Saturday.
        Perhaps he’s ending the social media environment because someone saw him dancing at the club and “threatened” to put it out there, since he and Borrell both advertised themselves as straight?! Just a thought.

      3. Borrell Jr isn’t really successful either. That supp endorsement ain’t really shit.

        I’m saying do what these white boys like Dean Coxxx and Cody Cummings are doing. Create a website with your own content and charge for it lol

      4. @Jay…they’re too scared to do that. They’re not comfortable enough with themselves to do that.
        Instagram teasing is about as close as we’ll get to a “website” for either of them. If either of them did venture that route, I’d hazard a guess that Borrell would be the first to leap into the pool.

    2. @Jay – I was thinking the same thoughts. And I highly doubt he wasn’t doing something on the side to get some cash. I don’t recall him having any sports nutrition endorsements, nor being on any cover of a fitness magazine. So how was he supporting himself and his narcissistic superficial needs? iphones, fresh gear, gym membership fees, trips to Miami and the club night life don’t just fall out of the f*cking sky. But I digress. Anygay, I agree with Jamari as well. How U gon be an Icon if you allow some online trolls a win? Chile please miss me with that!

      BTW: I would still bang his back out! Holla! 😛

      1. If you’re referring to Borrell…that boy used to shake his ass for 20s at the gay club Adonis. He had some “friends” that flew him to the west coast on occasion, as well as other destinations…in addition to shaking his ass in their club in L.A. LOL

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