I Got Head and Now They Want To Fire Me (I’m Baffled!)

A+reportcardsmalllike one of my readers who sent me the following story said:

“i ain’t never wanted an ‘A’ that bad”

well this story will help you understand what we was talmbout.
so everyone meet the ratchet professor jackal who,
and get this,
well he wassssssss…


*dun dun dunnnnnn*
the story was sent in by many via bossip


Alabama A&M University fired a tenured professor in March after the school discovered videos of him participating in sexual activity with two students on campus, according to court documents.

The school severed ties with Edward Jones, who has worked more than 20 years at Alabama A&M. Most recently, he worked as director of Office of Teacher Education and Certification.

According to court documents filed in federal court by Alabama A&M, videos of Jones were discovered on a school laptop that recorded the professor in three sex acts, including twice having oral sex with two different male students. All three instances occurred on the Alabama A&M campus, the school said.

Jones filed a lawsuit against Alabama A&M in February after the school began termination proceedings after what the lawsuit described as years of harassment when Jones attempted to bring to light administrative issues and concerns.

Jones’ attorney, Lee Loder, declined to comment on the case beyond the lawsuit.

The videos were found on a school laptop recovered at Jones’ home after Huntsville police and Alabama A&M police executed a search warrant, according to court documents.

Once the videos were discovered, Alabama A&M informed Jones he would be fired.

“There is convincing evidence that you have engaged in sexual conduct below minimum standards of professional integrity and misused university computing/electronic assets in gross violation of well-established university policy,” school Provost Daniel Wims wrote in Jones’ March 10, 2016 termination letter, which was included in the court file.

According to a memo from Alabama A&M police investigator Brian Ruble, two of the videos were made in 2011 and the third in 2012.

Jones previously received a letter outlining the school’s intention to terminate him after sexually-graphic photos were discovered on the professor’s work computer.

tumblr_nsyq5y0wJv1rfduvxo1_500-1i couldn’t.
i simply couldn’t.
i want to know…
what was going through the minds?
maybe they liked the “older daddy wolf” types?
there is a fetish for that.
huge community.
this is my opinion

this is no different than anyone else sleeping their way to the top.
chances are,

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.53.59 PM

…will not be on the receiving end of your come up.
^that is more likely to be looking for his come up.

rapper wolves
singer wolves
model wolves

always expect them to be doing the most for a check as well.
dubai anyone?
some of these animals work out and advertise for this to hit them up:

professor2n1web-crop-rtstoryvar-large…or something like this:

150721183714-donald-trump-large-169…and they will help them achieve your goals.
they may just gotta put in some extra work.
funny enough,
i don’t do alla that but have met some fine ones.
now i’m not saying you can’t get lucky.
the universe is full of surprises.

do i blame those who gave him their oral education?
edward was probably a desperate idiot.
they were probably doing it for something in return.
well let’s hope.
he’ll be on the unemployment line looking for his own come up now.
there is probably a jack’d account with his name on it.

funny how karma came for him too.
i’m mad he really tried to say the school was out to get him.
okay edward.

if you gonna be trying to throw stones,
make sure you don’t live behind glass.
i gotta ask tho…

Would the situation be different is it was an older vixen/snow bunny?


















she still woulda been on her ass out the door.
lowkey: some of these animals be predators for a nut.
good lawd.

article taken: bossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “I Got Head and Now They Want To Fire Me (I’m Baffled!)”

  1. When I read this story, I could not help but laugh. I cannot believe he did recorded all of this on the school computers. The university could have cared less about his activities, but using their equipment to record the shit is an issue. Did he not have his own or something? I personally would have failed that class because he does not look appealing at all. I will admit, there were a couple of professors I wanted to smash, and I had A’s in the classes lol.

      1. I am curious as to how he propositioned the dudes because he had to know they were gay before hand. I highly doubt a gay student would ask their possibly straight professor for sexual favors for grades.

      2. …they prolly found each otha w/ their jack’d/grind’r accts….*”bigdickdaddyprof, ’69’ yo, .01 mi away*

  2. I didn’t know this was going on at A&M University. I never heard it going on at Alabama State University when I was attending. Oh well…..

  3. Now I’m wondering if they did it for benefits or just have a public fetish. He must have been reported if they got a search warrant, I’m thinking he was abusing his position. That’s the end of that career for him though. First he’s going to get judged for the whole student/teacher, then some people are going to have a problem because it was male students.

  4. First ewwwwww he’s not the daddy type I like lol

    Second no he doesn’t seem that bright, you use school computers to film yourself having sex with male students and then wanna flip the script in the school knowing good and well you got skeletons in your closet.

  5. I guess all their faces were visible and recognizable in the video for them to know it was him and male students.I wonder if he used a hidden camera because would the students allow him to film them giving or receiving a BJ? I see the acts were performed on campus I wonder if he was reckless enough to engage in sex acts in the classroom.SMH

  6. Yeah…that was a very stupid move to utilize school equipment to store/record inappropriate material. He should know that once his position is terminated, if he has a school issued laptop…they are gonna want it back. So, he commits sexual acts with his students and keeps it on the laptop, but does not transfer it to an external drive and delete it from said computer…and once those acts come to light, HE doesn’t even have the sense to try and delete or destroy the hard drive?! I say that many of these professors are book smart, but lack common sense or street smarts.
    I cannot tell you how often I come across professors that cannot use a computer of a cell phone. It’s like technology scares them! LOL

    On a side note…I see you used my boo Manuel to illustrate your point, J!! I’m still trying to find his IG! LOL

  7. Bruh, professors get paid too much to be compromising that salary for some young dick.

    He should be fired because he’s most likely doing favors for these students.

    If anything get you a nice graduate student that you don’t teach smh

    He can forget any job that isn’t at a drive thru

      1. 20 years isn’t tenured enough though? o.o Not sure if he’s published, if so, it’s still a nice career down the drain for one moment in time.

  8. One “private” moment that turned into a “public” failing should not be the summation of a person’s life. Yes, it was poor judgment to record sexual activity on school property with devices owned by his employer. Hell, it was STUPID judgement! But what good it is to publicly humiliate the man? Part of my empathy is based on the fact that anti-gay homophobes will add this story to their arsenal of failed arguments sighting our supposed deviancy.

    1. It is deviant though.
      If he was heterosexual or a woman, it would STILL be deviant.
      He’s too damn old to write this off as some “youthful indiscretion”.
      No telling how long he’s been doing this before the school caught on.

  9. Ewww I feel bad for those two students. I know it must have been torturing omg. I need my paper bag to throw up right now

  10. I don’t know if they have it in the American schools but in the U.K we have this lesson in school called R.E (religious education) and I remember getting messaged by my R.E teacher on Grindr. He didn’t know who I was because I had a chest picture but it was hilarious. I never looked at him the same way after that lol. He offered money and happened to love topping “Beautiful Black Men” (his words not mine). He even sent me a dick pic and he was hung for a short guy I can’t lie. Long story short, no I didn’t hook up with him. I could never bring myself to do it. He was short and overweight. The people who you can find on these apps is really mind-blowing

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