Maravilla Wants You To Know Something

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.59.09 PMokayyyyyy…
franyely lora aka maravilla has something to say to all of ya’ll.
what was it?
he wants to address his sexuality.
he wrote the following in spanish,
but one of my foxholers translated it for us…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.09.06 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.09.21 PMaka:

🚨No I like to talk much about these issues as well follow me if many people who are gay, and I will not be offended or feel bad. Even I never tell anything wrong ENCONTRA that, regarding the SECT 100% of each person … Sometimes to see people commenting on my photos I’m gay and do not say anything, you better regarding the ignorant. Second, I also do not argue with the person who says I am as always seems to be a hater, (but if it is the area where I live) … oh someone hurts what I ago, commenting on me without knowing me, these days you can not see well or take care of that and you’re gay, my people let yourself of that. Ok I love back to your question. I decided to answer the question in public, since many people may have the same question. No, I’m not gay, I’m straight. For those who did not understand one word I like women. Eye: deciciones respect the people who have other preferecias, gay or lesbian whatever. They are not my problems, my life is not theirs. Everyone is happy in his own way … I hope I have answered the questions and doubts of many. And thanks to all the people who follow me, gaysπŸ‘¨β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ‘¨lesbianasπŸ‘©β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ‘©, bisexual, heterosexual … For me all my followers are all equal. This instagram is for all people. Thank you

that english translation had me like “what in every fuck????”.
was i the only one confused reading that?
well if the alleged rumors are true,
he may be screwed.

he better hope no one has receipts that will shut him up.
he’ll really shut that instagram down then.

lowkey: so i guess that means i can’t squeeze his pecs?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Maravilla Wants You To Know Something

  1. Ok. What straight man shakes his ass, dick, and grinds on other men? His ass has been dancing at the club WEEKLY since the week before that Instagram hack incident. Before that it was AT LEAST twice a month.
    If he’s straight…so be it. But NO straight man I know will do that shyt for or with another man.
    Hell, he better hope his former friend doesn’t get SHADIER and start dropping hints about what he does! I could see him doing some shady shyt like that.

      1. Truth be told…it would! Which is why I can’t understand said falling out. They could both mess up things for the other.
        But then again, all people have to do is Google both of them and their compromising pics will put it out there for speculation and innuendo. LOL

      1. theres millions of straight guys that do what maravilla does just because he fucked a man doesn’t make him gay

    1. okay u need to stop there are tons of straight men that do what maravilla does okay in a gay club there are so many straight gogo boys and straight strippers not all a gay in gay strip clubs oh my god these desperate straight men u don’t know anything do u so what if a straight guy has sex with another man its 2021 u can be gay and not be ashamed about it if maravilla said he’s not gay then believe him he shaked his ass, dick and grinded on other men for money it was part of his job he did it for the money so many people do that ur intelligence is limited omg

      1. U literally contradicted yourself so many fucking times and you talk about limited intelligence, you are straight retarded
        “So what if a straight guy has sex with another man its 2021 u can be gay and not be ashamed” LITERALLY MAKES NO SENSE
        You’re just another fag who fucks closeted “straight” men on the DL off grindr that’s why shit like this is normal to you

  2. Jamari Imma keep it real, I read the first sentence of that translation and gave all the way the fuck up! I’m with you tho, I hope this straight revelation won’t bring some skeletons out of the closet and have people start showing receipts of him in a compromising position.

  3. Honestly, I don’t have a problem. He said he’s not gay but he was respectful and obviously he’s cool with gay people, so I wouldn’t understand why he’d lie.

    We’re quick to label a man suspect when they’re nice to gay people, but we don’t want them to be homophobic.

  4. Boi be gone. I was interested to read this hoping he would at least tell the truth. We all know his walls are worn inside out, own it. Well, we all know who in the foxhole done got it, it really doesn’t matter at this point. πŸ˜‚

    He is y’alls fave tho…not mine.

  5. Everyone knows a good portion of latino men are flexible…especially the ones that pop their asses on any platform they can get on.

    1. This is the truth, with no need to add that last clause about hoping their asses on any platform. Latin culture has a very strong, damn near universal, strain of wifey is important not the ones on the side, even the ones with dicks. Those who don’t get fucked often don’t even consider themselves bi. The Spanish speaking Caribbean, Central and South America are overflowing with straight men with families who regularly fuck or even get fucked by other men for fun or profit or both. This “pick a team and stay there” nonsense is American and a legacy of our culture’s Puritan roots.

  6. As I said when the other guy wrote he was straight.Sexual orientation is not the same as sexual behavior.Everyday men who identify as straight have sex with men .They work as strippers,escorts,prostitutes,porn stars,etc.Likewise everyday women who identify as lesbians have sex with men for money.This guy never says he has never had sex with a man,does he?

    1. I thinking the same thing , I know this is going to get some flack but technically from the stories we have heard about him and his former friend they were getting paid to do those acts. To me it doesn’t make they any different from the gay for pay porn actors we see on papi thugz or Dawgpoundusa who have gay sex for money on camera but still proclaim to be straight.

      1. everyone likes what they like u can’t judge someone just because they had sex with another man sucking dick, having anal with a man doesn’t make u gay if ur straight

  7. I aint gon lie. That body of his is nice. I have to do a scroll back when I saw it.

    He’S nice too look at. Im not to thrilled about his dancing but the body is nice.

  8. Since when do we need him to come out? Last I checked, the conversion rate of “likes” to US dollars was pretty low. And, we all know he lives with his mom in Washington Heights. Ive never seen him disparage anybody. He goes out of his way to express appreciation for his fans of every orientation. His Spanish reads far better than the bullshit google translation. If his living situation and his hustle require him to be straight, then let him be straight. If he likes the D too. Then let him be a straight Dominican who likes the D. Which of us is he hurting? Live and let live. Damn.

  9. He is safe until somebody has PROPER receipts on him. Not story time. And that person who sent you this didn’t translate a damn thing, they used Google translator which executed the wording very poorly.

  10. “I don’t like to talk too much about this issue as I have many followers who are gay, and I don’t want to offend them or make them angry. Even tho I never said anything bad about them, I 100% respect the person’s decision…. Sometime I would see people commenting in my fotos that I am gay and for respect I ignore them and say nothing. Nor do I argue with that person who will always say that I am being a hater, (But if it was the area where I live)… Someone would have gotten hurt ago, commenting about me without knowing me, in those time you can’t look good or care about your image because you were gay, my people had let go of that. Ok love back to your question. I decided to answer this question in public, since many people may have the same question. No, I am not gay, I am straight. For those who didn’t understand me I only like women, and those who actually know me know how and who I am. I respect the person’s decision who has a another preference, gay o lesbian. It’s not my problem, It not my life, it theirs. Everyone is happy in their own ways….. I hope that answer your question and hopefully don’t offend anyone. Thank you at those who follow me, gay, lesbian, bi, straight…. For me all of my followers are the same. Instagram is for everyone. All are welcome and thank you.”

    I hope this clarifies for anyone who didn’t understand.

    1. And to be fair, Dominican men back then never looked like this today. My mom was shocked when she saw the new generation of Dominican men and women because she told me that back then Dominicans were very ugly. Dominican women would have beautiful hair for sure, but the face is another story. She said “Why you think Dominicans hated Puerto Ricans so much?” No for real, like the Puerto Rican people back then were FUCKING gorgeous, I mean, yea they are some good-looking, pretty Ricans out here, but the ones in the past. Forget it. No competition. That why I’m trying to be the Puerto Rican from the past.

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