Welcome To How Chris Brown Coulda Won

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.44.40 PMi’m so confused about this trailer for chris brown and his new doc,
“welcome to my life”.
i have a couple opinions,
but not until you check it out…


tumblr_o5t3tuanzR1qi79cgo1_500okay so…
there is no doubt chris is a talent.
if he played his cards right,
he could have been somewhere next to the greats right now.
probably not.
a better version.

in all honesty,
chris hasn’t overcame anything.
even watching that trailer,
he managed to take a situation,
one where he abused rihanna,
and make it all about him.

“they are all out to get me!”

“chris brown” is out to get “chris brown”.
he is the common denominator.
he was the common denominator with rihanna,
that chair out the gma window,
frank ocean,
all the poppin’ off via social media,
joining a gang,
and other shit he has involved himself in.
so when i see a trailer like that,
and he uses the incident with rihanna as to when his life went to hell…
…that is where i want to correct him.
his life went to hell the moment he kept doing:

dumb shit
dumb shit
dumb shit
dumb shit
dumb shit

…and was acting entitled and making excuses everyone was out to destroy him.
he set his own bait and fell in his own traps.
the documentary would be more interesting if it showed his personal struggles.
i will say that’s sad someone who was once so attractive,
and is actually talented,
could go so far off the beaten path.
that’s no one’s fault but his own.
he will have to live with the choices he has made thus far.
i’ll tune into the documentary for review tho.

lowkey: how contradictory was that “suicide” line in the trailer.
i just want to hug him and then slap him.
he needs a “foxhole tough love” session.


let’s talk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Welcome To How Chris Brown Coulda Won”

  1. I’m not even bothering to watch because there has not been any change in his behavior to warrant a documentary.

    At this point he’s pretty much hit the glass ceiling of his career. I don’t see any grammys or iconic performances in his future.

    A footnote in The Rihanna Saga.

    1. ^i feel like “we” as blacks set him up for failure tho.
      he didn’t get a good dragging after the rihanna incident.
      people dragged her.
      too many coddled him,
      it had to take the 10th incident for everyone to say he has a problem.

      1. The heck he didn’t, it was all on social media ripping him apart and Rihanna later praised how he was able to make a comeback.

        1. ^and how sad he didn’t continue to elevate and be a better example.
          you can’t make it seem he is making progress when he keeps falling 10 steps backwards after making a step forward.

  2. We have to remember that Chris Brown got into the entertainment business when he was a young teenager and did not have a normal childhood. He needs therapy and support from people that will have his best interest and be honest with him.

    While people keep hoping he lose, he started his own production / management company as a teenager which is a major accomplishment and maximized getting his money unlike many artists that get paid pennies and he has royalties from song writing and is a restaurateur. You praise The Game but you throw rocks at him (SMH).

    Also, the Micheal Jackson reference was not needed and he was not a powerhouse singer and Chris would embarrass him on a dance floor if they were brought up during the same time frame.

    1. ^i don’t want Chris brown to lose.
      I have supported him,
      Posted him when the foxhole was over him,
      and bought all his music.
      don’t even try to put me in that category.
      you aren’t supporting Chris brown because you can’t be objective.
      this is his problem now.
      i can call a spade a spade as far as he is concerned.

      to even compare mj to Chris.
      michael Jackson was an extraordinary talent.
      chris brown cannot see mj and will probably never.

      1. Objective – Yes.

        I am understanding and have looked at the data and research that has shown childhood stars growing up and later having behavioral problems and possibly suicide.

        MJ is deceased so I won’t go there about him.

        Also, get out your feelings…

    2. @Dee Jay…and who’s fault is that? Ours? Don’t think so. Chris is a grown ass man, who should know when to distance himself from people and situations that are detrimental to his health, life, and career. Those people that had his best interests at heart…he turned his back on them to be with the yes men and the hangers on. Remember he talked about how nobody stood by him except Kareuche, and then he turned around and shitted on her.

      There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your actions and admit your mistakes. Not everyone was out to get Chris as he thought. It was his paranoia kicking into overdrive, and that was in part to him not taking his meds for his bipolar tendencies. He needs to get rid of the people who bring him down, surround himself with ones with similar dreams/goals, take some meditation/yoga classes, concentrate on his daughter, and get back to making good music. Leave the ratchet folks alone, they will only contribute further to his downward spiral.

      I don’t think anyone wants him to lose per se, they’re tired of the BS he continues to involve himself in…and not taking responsibility for it.
      As Michael would say…he needs to take a look in the mirror and make a change. Lol

      1. @Christian

        I agree he needs to take responsibility for his actions but data and research shows that teen stars grow up to have behavioral problems and there needs to be some intervention if he is at a state to listen and take the necessary steps to get help and change. We are only on the outside looking in and can easily give advice, but imagine millions of people assassinating your character in the four peer groups and the tole it can have on a person.

      2. Data and stats can always change. No one is not saying that teenage stars don’t have problems. They have the world thrown at their feet, with people willing to do anything for them. When that starts to go south, you’re telling me that rationale doesn’t kick in and they step back and say, hey WTF is going on here?! I’m sure they do, but because of who is around them…they’re probably talked out of doing anything to change the outcome. The yes men don’t want to lose their good thing!
        So again it goes to who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with hoodrats and gangstas, you will act accordingly. You surround yourself with rational people, there is a good chance you will act the same. His character is assassinated because he REPEATEDLY does dumb shyt that makes people question his mental state. As they say, if you can’t stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen.

      3. There are hundreds of teen stars from similar backgrounds who haven’t had behavioral problems.How many times has Usher been arrested? Chris Brown reminds me of Bobby Brown.Bobby Brown grew up in a similar background to the other members of New Edition.How many times has Ralph,Michael,Ronnie and Ricky been arrested.Bobby grew up in a two parent household.To my knowledge none of his siblings got into trouble with the law.
        For every child star who got in trouble with the law.I can name 10 who didn’t.

        I am so sick of people coddling this Man and making excuses for his bad behavior.He throws rocks at his mother at the rehab place,his fans claim he is a victim.He sleeps with rehab employees,it’s not his fault.He cheats on his girlfriend and impregnates his baby mama and somehow his fan blame his girlfriend. If he doesn’t grow up he is going to end up like Charlie Sheen,a violent,drug addicted self centered middle age asshole.

      4. I agree with Y Colette, and Christian here. I believe that there are many child stars that become en-burdened with issues, but there are many that do well for themselves as well. He certainly needs some sort of intervention, but make no mistake, ESPECIALLY with his current actions, he is NO VICTIM. Drew Barrymore is a great example of someone with a very troubled past and she made the choice to turn it all around. There’s hope for everybody who has the eyes to see it, instead of playing the “woe is me, I’m so troubled” card. Hopefully, in a few years, he will go the route of Drew, I mean, he has a baby now, at what point does he make that decision? It should have been years ago after that Rihanna situation, people would have moved on from that and he could have redeemed himself, hell, he could have even made a platform off of it, centering around troubled teens, and done speeches, and actually helped people. He was never doomed, he had and still has opportunities to change things around, but if he wants to be Lindsay Lohan, you can’t expect people to continue to have sympathy for him. He CHOSE this. Even SHE didn’t manage to get “accidentally pregnant”! HIS PROBLEM! I don’t even like commenting on him because he’s a waste of my energy.

        If that weren’t enough he has a horrible attitude, so why SHOULD anyone care for him? He’s an asshole! Don’t give me that “oh, his character is being obliterated by the media” nonsense, it’s called being a celebrity, you don’t see every celeb going on monstrous tirades as he. You’re certainly right, he has issues, and needs help, but most people, including myself don’t care and are done excusing him.

        I’m also not getting the MJ comparison. I don’t see how CB is better than MJ in any way, and again, not a big MJ fan here, but I can see the impact MJ had. CB is no where near MJ, not even close! What?

    3. Your whole comment became null and void when you even insinuated Chris Brown could touch Michael Jackson in any way, shape, or form and I’m not even a avid Michael Jackson fan.

      Chris Brown would gladly lick the floor Michael Jackson moonwalks on.

      You can list off all his business deals all day long, but the reality is he’s a black man in the entertainment industry that has burned too many bridges. His place in history was sealed in that car with Rihanna.

      1. Watch a Micheal Jackson and Chris Brown concert and tell me which one was the best. Anyone can do a moonwalk but not everyone can perform the moves or provide the energy that Chris does.

        Also, while people are on here trying to praise Michael, the last I checked Chris has never been caught or had to pay out millions for sleeping with little boys or touching them.

        1. are you telling me that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson. Lord Jesus. Boy go get your head check. Chris Brown is no where near that level of Michael Jackson.

      2. LMAO!! I was just about to say that he can’t say nothing after making that argument about MJ and Chris. The delusion lol.

    4. I know I’m certainly out of that bunch. Fuck The Game and his midlife-crisis homophobic bitch ass. He and Chris both equally have the tragic qualities of the “ain’t shit” fuckboy in my book.

  3. I can’t with that trailer, and Shame to those celebrities who showed up to talk about him in this movie but didn’t show up to get this man some therapy or give him some real talk about his behavior. They all came off like the yes people surrounding him all the time. It just came off like ” well I’m am going to be in his good graces because you never know when I’ll need to do a song with him or you know produce his track or something.

    Yes Chris Brown has talent and yes he’s always able to make a really hot song but the problem with this trailer is from what I I’ve seen he’s not taking any, accountability for his actions. Yes the media is out to attack you but you’re out to attack yourself as well. At this point I’ve Put Chris Brown in the category of artists where I an a fan of their music from afar.

  4. He can keep his pity party BS. Screw him and the horse he rode in on. Like Jay said, which is more obvious at this point, another footnote in the Rihanna saga.

  5. I remember almost a decade ago now, seeing Chris Brown perform live at the BET awards, and was blown away, seeing him up close at such a young age and how the audience reacted to his talent was almost magical. I could have never guess seeing him that night and all these years later that his career would take such a dive.

    As someone who has worked with young people in the Criminal Justice system, I was one of his biggest defenders at the time of the Rihanna incident, realizing that many young people make stupid mistakes and do things without thinking and deserve a second chance for their mistakes. Even when he continued to Fukk Up, I was trying to make excuses, but I cant with this dude anymore. He is a mess and he will need to go away for a long period of time and make a real comeback but by that time, he will be on the Summer Tours replacing retired Frankie Beverly, and Bell Biv Devoe and not selling out Arena’s and stadiums but happy to get a gig at a Casino in Tunica Mississippi.

    It is clear that Chris has some deep demons and some serious issues with women. His mother probably knows the truth and probably had a hand in some of his hate toward women when she did not leave her abusive situation. This dude is deeply scarred and he represents everything wrong with the entertainment industry. I can see a sad ending for him if he does not turn it around. So many entertainers have all these people around and all these fans who love them, and all at some time report being lonely and feeling like they have no one. As the old saying goes, Fame is a Bitch.

    I really dont care about none of these young entertainers, they have no mystery or mystique, they all seem so basic, playing their life out on social media on a daily basis until they are just a little above the IG attentionista’s. I dont care about Lemonade, I dont care about this. Thank God for Youtube where I can discover unseen performances of the greats.

  6. fuck this boy, I will not be watching. Beyoncé HBO special look my interesting than this mess.

  7. I wasn’t going to say anything, but this little boy is making me sick. He is self-conceited and childish. Does he honestly expect people to have sympathy for him? Get out of here. He’s nothing more than a dirty stinkin asshole.

    Sidenote: Is it wrong that I’m expecting him to pass away soon? I feel like he’s going to die soon for some reason. I can’t picture him as an old man.

  8. I can’t feel bad for Chris Brown anymore. You forgive and forget and then he goes on to do another dumb move. He needs a very rude awakening. Unfortunately, he’s had several and srill doesn’t get it.

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