Maravilla Assaults A Throw Pillow

marvilla1you read right.
the foxhole dominican attentionisto fav,
assaults a throw pillow.
he uploaded the video to his instagram of the evidence.
what you may see is graphic,
but i warn you….

…the throw pillow is okay and recovering.
to all the other throw pillows…


maravilla is cummin’ for you!

lowkey: i like the new sheets maravilla!
he needs a picture on that wall tho.
that room looks very…

video credited: maravilla

13 thoughts on “Maravilla Assaults A Throw Pillow

  1. They say memories don’t live like people do, but I thoroughly disagree. Maravilla is hard to forget. 😉
    Thanks for posting this, Jamari.

  2. He just needs to go on and “leak” a jerking clip. Maybe THAT might get him in a similar position to where his ex buddy is!

  3. It’s entertaining for exactly 10 seconds and then I start looking at the room thinking “it probably smells too natural in there for me”.

  4. Lmao…I was thinking the same thing, J! That room needs some decor. And it’s REALLY getting tired seeing clips of him gyrating in his mama’s house! It’s time to fly the coop, boo!

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