what would an evolved you with no trauma or hurt be like right now?

my therapist asked me something yesterday that i’m still thinking about.
it’s interesting how a simple mind trick could possibly change your life.
so during our session,
she posed this question to me…

Let’s go back to my earlier years…

What if any of the things that provided me trauma NEVER happened to me?
What would I be like right now?
What do I think that Jamari would be like?
Would he be worried about things?
Would he second-guess himself?
Would he be living as his best and unapologetic self?

i’m interested in being that person in whatever timeline they exist in.
in my head,
that jamari would be living a completely different life.

what about you?

what would you be like if you never faced any of the trauma you did?
you things that ended up creating this future you?
how would you view money?
or better yet:

What would an EVOLVED YOU be like?

think about it for a while.

lowkey: i was told to write the opposite story of the things that hurt me.
it’s called scripting.
you write the alternate version of the event that provided hurt and trauma.
i did it a few things and i can admit it helped a lot.

4 thoughts on “what would an evolved you with no trauma or hurt be like right now?

    1. ^ it is!!!

      i did one this weekend on my day off.
      you have to really clear your mind and re-imagine the scenario with what you would have liked to happen.

  1. Thank You for sharing this Jamari! And yes I’ve also often wondered how my life would be, had I not experienced a high level of trauma too. But I never knew using the scripting technique of writing the complete opposite version of the events that hurt me. Wow. I will definitely be doing this.

    1. ^ that entry i did on the patreon was a script!
      it really helped tbh.
      scripting is a big deal too.
      when you script,
      you literally write your life or the future life in present tense.
      it’s a powerful technique.

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