i guess ya’ll was right about drew sidora and her huzzband, ralph pittman

they say you shouldn’t bring your relationships on reality tv.
i beg to differ.

If your relationship is terrible and you bring it on reality tv,
the audience will pick up on the cracks beneath the surface.

this is another reason why some keep theirs off social media.
it really has nothing to do with privacy as they love to say.
so ya’ll put the pieces together with rhoa couple,
drew sidora and her huzzband,

ralph pittman

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star was on the receiving end of divorce docs that were just filed this past week in Gwinnett County, GA — where Ralph laid out what he wants out of their split … touching on how he wants to handle their 2 kids and their shared property. We now have a clearer picture of how nasty and petty this divorce is going to be — turns out Drew actually filed for divorce before Ralph … 61 minutes before him!

One more thing … both parties say the marriage is “irretrievably broken,” and that’s why they’re filing for divorce. However, Drew also says she “reserves the right to add additional ground for divorce” if they can’t reach an amicable settlement.”

the forests are saying he was cheating on her like crazy.
( x see here )
it’s always interesting to me when news like this comes out,
but on social media:


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i mean,
i heard ya’ll figured out their relationship was trash before she did.

this is why i don’t get wrapped up in people’s relationships anymore.
i have/had married wolves trying to fuck me.
all while showing how great their relationships are on socials.
beyond the pictures and videos,
you never know what the cracks are.
not only that…

Things are always subject to change.

the good news is he gets to take that bawdy of his on the hoe stroll

…and she has a storyline for rhoa next season!


lowkey: is this the huzzband people thought was allegedly bi?
something about a stylist?

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