tim norton better start doing interviews for his prison wife because…

what wasted…
he wasn’t really attractive and he was a grumpy asshole on the show,
welcome to sweetie pies.
tim norton got his day of reckoning for having his nephew killed.
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we will probably never see that hippypotamus again because…

Former St. Louis reality TV star James “Tim” Norman was sentenced to two life sentences Thursday for orchestrating a plot to kill his nephew that featured fraudulent life insurance policies, cash payouts and years of coverups.

U.S. District Judge John A. Ross sentenced Norman to life sentences on two murder-for-hire counts Thursday morning, calling the evidence at trial “overwhelming” proof that Norman masterminded the March 2014 St. Louis killing of his 21-year-old nephew Andre Montgomery. 

It was a cold-blooded, incredibly premeditated, planned execution of your nephew,” Ross said before sentencing.

i don’t even feel sad for miss robbie since she decided to stand by his side.

she’ll be standing in front of him behind a protective glass when she visits.

hyenas don’t think.
they are hell-bent on whatever scheme they think will help them win.
he simply had to play his position.
he was entitled to a lot when she stepped down and retired.
he decided to ruin everyone’s lives with this.

His family
His kids
The business
The check that came with filming the show

he is selfish so none of that mattered to him.


i think the scariest part i learned in all this is:

People could be smiling in your face and plotting your damn murder.
This includes family as well.

thats the part that really disturbed me the most.
good riddance to bad rubbish.

lowkey: why haven’t we seen pictures of his dumb ass yet?
are they not filming in the courtroom?

article cc: stltoday

7 thoughts on “tim norton better start doing interviews for his prison wife because…

  1. It’s so crazy to me how many humans are born lucky but throw it all away. His mom did all that work only for him to ruin it. There were a few signs when watching the show that her business was gonna fail once passed to him anyway. He started wanting to expand into areas where Sweetie Pies wouldn’t work. When told this, he would dismiss it because like many people, he just wants to look like a hotshot and talk a big game.

    It’s scary how many psychopaths are amongst us and we have no idea.

    1. ^maybe it’s a case of if you didn’t have to work hard for it,
      it doesn’t matter?

      we would take that opportunity and become millionaires.
      he was a spoiled coddled brat who never had to worry about nothing.

  2. If it was a Federal Court, cameras aren’t allowed.
    Secondly, talk about fucking it all away! That’s exactly what his stupid ass did! How many times did we see on the show where his ass was doing too damn much and his mama kept calling him out on it? He got exactly what he deserved. His own family member!!

  3. My God Today!!! Thank God for giving justice and for giving his mother and her family PEACE knowing that Andre’ can now Rest Peacefully 🙏🏿🕊️

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