I Want It All (But I Can Only Choose Two?)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.27.39 PM…which two would you choose?

think past the trees and look at the entire forest with this one.
what would really benefit you in the future?

Only His Nose Knows

6676008885_ba6c36554c_zits no secret i love a big nose on a wolf.
maybe that was a secret.
either way i find a big nose can define a face.
well what if you had two big noses on your face?
weird right?
well this chinese wolf has this issue below…
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Sex So Good It Got You Suckin’ Ya Thumb

Kim-as-Samantha-Jones-samantha-jones-24117197-500-282i’m sure thats what even vixen is saying after they saw the following…

first of all,
i had to ask if this was even real?
this picture has been circulating on fb,
and one of the f-bi sent me the full story.
yup “no days off” even on the holiday.
so a vixen comes home and catches her man in bed…
*cues dramatic soap opera music*
i can’t…

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It’s Here… and Another Maybe On The Way.

present-16ufgnbcan you guess?…

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The Fine Ass Muthafucka With That Damn Baby and Those Two Hoes

tumblr_mkybp1Me3E1ql53d3o1_500on its first official day of spring,
or the first “damn it’s hot” day,
i decided to get dressed and head out.
let me ask you something, my reader.
you ever got it just right?
your mood is right
you look good.
your outfit looks and fits perfectly.
kicks go perfectly.
well that was me a couple of hours ago…

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